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I knew a girl like that back in my partying days. She lived in my apartment complex and somehow we ended up over at her apartment smoking a joint. Occasionally she'd call to burn one and such. She was a call girl and was into all kinds of drugs like Xanax. One day she crashed her car into the supporting column for the tollway bridge and broke her leg. She had been drinking wine and was on Xanax at the time. She got evicted about 2 months later, when she couldn't pay the rent, because she wasn't able to work.

Her daughter was going to be just like her. It was funny, because I was sitting at the pool and looked over at some girl in the parking lot, wearing cutoff shorts. She exposed one of her ass cheeks to me, as she walked on by. Her mother called wanted burn one (about 30 minutes later), and there was the daughter, kind sitting off in the corner. Sad!

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I think it's fine, so long as their wrestling shows can maintain kayfabe. They don't always, but I feel like they should. Tyrion Lannister didn't suddenly start talking as Peter Dinklage, and Seth Rol

My Christmas present from my step daughter and son in law was late for Christmas. It was delivered today.  I love them, but they shouldn't have.

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