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WWE is really grinding my interest into a fine paste. It's theoretically possible they could have some sort of interesting scenario lined up for Big E to get back on top, but for me this just feels like the continued ripple effect of booking around the same handful of wrestlers, specifically Reigns. They had to give Lesnar something since he was sticking around, so, sorry Big E... hand it over.
I need to get TNT.

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They tweeted it out calling her Impact Champion, too. There's decent odds she loses the title at Hard to Kill tomorrow, but I hope not simply for the crossover. I hope there's MORE crossovers for WWE, with Impact and anyone else (the "forbidden door" phrase is kinda dumb though, wrestling crossovers have always happened).

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Since WWE usually has a WrestleMania plan by now I'd say that the surprise entrants will probably be Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. If I were WWE, I'd bite the bullet and sign Tessa Blanchard. Kick the year off with a bang. Though WWE hasn't debuted someone like that since AJ Styles. A run in NXT would seem pointless, though WWE would have to acknowledge her past.....sorta. is Tessa as big of a name as AJ was?

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Given up on trying to watch my backlog of wrestling. So NXT. Giving us a new crop of guys okay. My take so far?

Bronn Breaker: nuff said

Grayson Waller: not seeing it

Duke Hudson: not yet

Ikemen Jiro: i like him

Joe Gacy: next

Kushida: the main roster needs a legit cruiserweight division. Been a while

LA Knight: Royal Rumble entrant. Has to be

Odyssey Jones: love this dude. 

Pete Dunne: Rumble?

Ciampa: Rumble?

Harland: yawn

Xyon Quin: can't wrestle

Von Wagner: eh

Imperium: i think they debut on the main roster after Mania

Legato Del Phantasma: Escobar, Strong, Ricochet, Kushida could rule a cruiserweight division

Tony D'Angelo: he's decent in the ring and he has the gimmick down. I don't dislike him

Cameron Grimes: they wanted the million dollar gimmick. This would have went over gangbusters on the main roster. He's ready

Carmelo Hayes: love this kid. Funny separate him from Trick until necessary. 

Trick Williams: with a better look he could be a great singles wrestler. 


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They trademarked the name Gunther Stark. Google that and you'll see what I mean. They might have dropped the last name after major backlash on social media throughout the day yesterday. Regardless, it's fucking stupid as shit to rename him after 3-4 years in the company and widely held recognition. So fucking stupid.

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I just saw that William Regal is officially out. We all knew it was coming, but it still sucks. The dude was so good. 

It would have been nice if he had had a proper sendoff from the show. I know he essentially gave a live resignation speech where it was clear he was done, but they still kinda carried on with that botched storyline of Samoa Joe being his enforcer until all that petered out.

I don't think NXT will ever get to those heights again: where it, for a time, was rivaling the main shows quality and talent-wise. Quite the feat.

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With Mickie James in the Royal Rumble and rumors that the IIconics were offered spots the forbidden door seems to be open in the WWE. Or is it? I think the WWE didn't mind giving someone who worked there before the rub. Mainly because the fans know who they are. Are we going to see Moose in the Rumble? It would be cool, but i don't see it. 

Who will be the surprise entrants? 

My guesses:

NXT call ups


Pete Dunne

LA Knight

NXT fillers:

Cameron Grimes

Roderick Strong

Bron Breaker(if Theory is really getting a push this might not happen)


The women's side:

NXT call up

Raquel Gonzalez

NXT filler

Mandy Rose

Paige perhaps???


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Ciampa, Dunne, and Strong are the most likely ones for the men. WALTER was my number one choice, but it looks like they're going all in on him as the next big NXT heel. I hope they delay WALTER/Breakker for a while, but I digress.

For the women, it's Raquel and Dakota (again), maybe Io again. I would LOVE to see that rumored Paige return too.

I also still think there's a legit chance at another forbidden door entrant besides Mickie. Most likely someone from Impact, but honestly I don't know who. A lot of people seem to think Jericho might be the one, but I have a hard time seeing anyone from AEW doing it right now. But if they really want to make a splash they should work with NJPW and get Jay White or Tanahashi.

EDIT: I bet Asuka comes back for the Rumble. Rumors are they're trying to get Ronda Rousey back too, which, eh.

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