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Charming is a bit of a ditz too if we really look at all of his actions. Hmm. Actually all of the main heroes are underdeveloped on the show when I think about it. All of the heroes with depth seem to

Maybe Snow prided herself on conducting a fairly bloodless campaign, in which they simply captured all their opponents instead of killing them. Like The A-Team.   Apropos of nothing, found a neat thi

True, but that could have been explained by magic too. They covered Cordelia's something on Angel that way.   It also secondarily explains why Henry is suddenly six feet tall. LOL

I think you could be right. And for me it's because the way Neil was handled in this finale cured many ills I had for the season.


As much as Snow is the catalyst for the drama even starting, Neil's story was also integral. Yet prior to this finale it was almost disrespectful the way Neil's sacrifice was moved past in like one minute before we had more scene chewing by Zelena.

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