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Crazy Political Status Updates from my Facebook news feed...

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Gosh, we're gonna need a lot of boats to drag Alaska behind that fence.

>completely misunderstand thread >say something stupid >be called out on it >insult everyone else posting   A+

I dunno if this was a political status update. I wonder if they will ever add personal oppression one-upsmanship (one-upspersonship?) as an Olympic sport?  

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Guest El Chalupacabra

Yeah, that's just dumb. Seeing how Obama's not even American, I'm not sure why he'd even be included in 9/11 memorabilia.




Dude, you just don't get it. It's just all in the Bilderberg Group's plan to have a Muslim US President institute Sharia Law to the US, and to destroy US sovereignty. Get with the program.

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And don't forget something about wanting to kill old people.


My least favorite thing lately has been the tweet some Seth Rogen, something like "That awkward moment when you realize Mitt Romney's campaign slogan "Keep America American" is the same one used by the KKK in 1922..."


Yeah, that's be super awkward if that was now or has ever been Romney's campaign slogan. And the ****ing sheep just pass it along. As a society we are so incredibly stupid it's sad.

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Nothing too wild today.


I love Gary Johnson, but this is pretty dumb. If my president crowd surfs, plays saxophone or basketball, throws back shots of bourbon, fishes and shoots ducks, etc.... fine. But it doesn't really say anything about their policy position or competency for the job:



Also, democracy is like Bieber-Socialism:

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a few after debate posts for you guys:


"Uhh...bbbbb...ddd...uuh". Very presidential! Romney crushed it!

then a few posts down:

Have you noticed that Obama won't look at Romney and looks pissed off?? Embarrassing if your an Obama supporter...


Great argument against Obamacare! Repeal it!

Love this! Romney is smart and he is schooling Obama (and his people)

Romney is schooling the blacks!

to which to the original posters credit he came back with:

Are you racist? Ha! I believe she is referring to libs/socialists

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One of my coworkers is a rabid democrat. I would share the crap she posts all day long on Facebook, but I don't have the bandwidth for that. Basically it's every infographic and poorly done gif file of words that she finds. Also long rants. And attacks on anyone who doesn't agree with her.


I did love that debate drinking game, though. I laughed a lot.

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We don't hear enough about the crazy liberals here, I think. I don't think it's because you guys are 'too' liberal (I'm an Obama voter myself), but I think it might be because the contrarians here are mostly from the country. After ~8 years of the military, still the majority of my facebook friends are urban liberals that I went to high school and college with, and their posts are as you can imagine. The vast majority are normal, but when I look through my feed for crazy political status updates? 90% of the are bat**** socialists.


Normally, I'd hear that statistic and assume the person purveying it was conservative, but I'm not so...

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The only political things I see posted on Facebook aren't worthy of major scorn. Most are from my teen nieces and they really are just voicing fair opinions about when they believe life starts.


One time I posted something Sixer hilariously responded too:


"I just voted... for everyone you hate!" Me

"Silly lad. Elton John is ineligible for public office here." Sixy




I know that doesn't fit the spirit of the thread, but I felt stalkerish +1ing people without commenting. LOL

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This is the newest from Tea Party nuts on my feed who I went to high school with. I really thought my classmates were smarter than this.


A link to a news article about the wedding ring Obama wears and the comments range from interesting to I always knew it!




That was just awesome. "Obama is a Muslim" paranoia at its absolute finest.

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