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Crazy Political Status Updates from my Facebook news feed...

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This is where I would like to share with my Internet friends some of the crazy assed **** that my mostly college-educated, middle to upper-middle class, Midwestern, white friends and family post on Facebook...


Feel free to comment on the particular status updates, share your own, or comment on the real point of this thread, which is: How in the holy f*ck can otherwise intelligent people be so ****ing crazy and uninformed when it comes to politics and what does that mean?


To start us off, here are three gems from today:


From a wealthy small business owner:


"WE the patriots of America DEMAND you release your COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS mr. obama. What the F... Are you hiding sir? Why did you spend $40000000 to seal them sir? That's a lot of money coming from a community organizer. Liberals, why arent you asking these questions?"




From a middle school English teacher:


"As I was entering the voting booth now, I actually thought to myself, how much longer before I lose this right? That's sad."




More to come...

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Gosh, we're gonna need a lot of boats to drag Alaska behind that fence.

>completely misunderstand thread >say something stupid >be called out on it >insult everyone else posting   A+

I dunno if this was a political status update. I wonder if they will ever add personal oppression one-upsmanship (one-upspersonship?) as an Olympic sport?  

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I'm ready to play.

This one from a friend who I adore:

.. two different kinds of people go to strip clubs... One kind of person tips and spends money to have a great social time and to award monetary gifts in celebration of beauty and festivity.... the other kind of person pays to close the distance between their ball sack and a performer's uterus... .. ..to close that gap.. as it were...


which kind are you? :)


He is a real big proponet of being against slavery so he spouts a lot about human slavery like this.


The definition of Capitalism:


This one is from a person who is one step closer to "liking" the tea party page:


with the quote:

Let's not cloud the issue with facts... ;)
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Wake up America!! YOU are being watched overhead by the FEDERAL GOVERMENT.

This one in reaction to a Morning Bell Article about EPA fly-overs in Texas.


Chemtrails anyone?


This person has also called Obama an Emperor and an Imperialist.


He also posted, What causes the price of gold to go up?

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Third gem:


"no major news network ever questioned obamas qualifications to be president. Dick Cheney had the GALL to say Sarah Palin wasn't prepared to be vice president. In today's political environment being a "dog catcher" is a good enough qualification as long as you can speak well, promise people things, and party like a rock star. The media is questioning Romneys finances? Are you kidding me? They want him to produce 10 years of tax returns? The same ***holes said NOTHING about Obamas associations, his radical past let alone didn't ask for his original birth certificate for almost 3 years into his term. We still dont know anything about him. Everything major record of him is sealed including his college transcripts but NO, the media won't question the DARLING. I freaking HATE these people. Their FREAKING WORTHLESS. And don't say people like Hannity and Limbaugh, they're not news anchors, they are commentators. I'm talking about ABC, NBC, and CBS...



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More liberal lies. Liberals claim Obama's lawsuit in Ohio is not tryinng to restrict military voting rights, yet 15 major military organizations have joined the Obama v. Husted case to fight to preserve military voting rights! Click "LIKE" and "SHARE" if this politically motivated lawsuit by Obama outrages youMore liberal lies. Liberals claim Obama's lawsuit in Ohio is not tryinng to restrict military voting rights, yet 15 major military organizations have joined the Obama v. Husted case to fight to preserve military voting rights! Click "LIKE" and "SHARE" if this politically motivated lawsuit by Obama outrages you.


This was posted and then shortly after, a link to an article about it being about Ohio and allowing early voting was posted, this person took this down.

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Guest El Chalupacabra




1 like and it was his mom


As much as I hate to be the one to tell you all this, the Hokey Pokey is NOT what it's all about. That was just another lie by the government to distract you while they built armies of robotic mosquitoes that implant tiny microchips into your body which can be used for mind control and tracking devices, and they are flying into your homes while you sleep.



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Oh, I'm gonna have a field day with this one.


I look forward to seeing these. I probably have many, especially from the left, but I'd have to log in to Facebook to actually copy and paste.

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This one was particularly mind blowing...


"For those of my friends who believe there is no difference between Obama and Romney, I'll give you a major one. Romney has made it the old fashioned way. He EARNED his money. While Obama has made his the modern way. Taking from those of us who have earned it, kind of like a parasite."



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Love that one, Ness.


I recently started unfriending people on Facebook who talk about their politics or religion, so I don't have much worth sharing anymore. Used to have several Rachel Maddow/Elizabeth Warren fanatics, and friends who would post gorgeous pictures of green spaces or bike lanes in the Netherlands (or any wealthy, Western European country, really) as a stark counterpoint to the backward, bigoted, filthy, greedy, stupid American ****hole they are forced to endure on a daily basis. But that's about it.


Interestingly enough, the most recent political update isn't from a hippy but a libertarian. It is from Thomas Sowell, and I actually kinda like it:



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I want to post that just to annoy the liberals. Oh course they already view me as suspect because I have a job that pays real money and isn't in academia and I buy expensive things (in their eyes) that aren't exclusively Apple products.

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I thought regan wasn't able to pull the economy back until his second term. I could be wrong though, I'll just assume you know what you are talking about.



The United States was experiencing its worst recession since the Depression, with conditions frighteningly reminiscent of those 50 years earlier. By November 1982, unemployment reached, nine million, the highest rate since the Depression; 17,000 businesses failed, the second highest number since 1933; farmers lost their land; and many sick, elderly, and poor became homeless.


The country lived through the recession for a full year before Reagan finally admitted publicly that the economy was in trouble. His budget cuts, which hurt the poor, and his tax cuts, which favored the rich, combined with the hardships of a recession, spawned the belief that Reagan was insensitive to his people's needs. (Although it was a 25% across-the-board tax cut, those people in the higher income brackets benefited the most.)

As economic hardship hit American homes, Reagan's approval rating hit rock bottom. In January 1983, it was estimated at a dismal 35 percent. Having failed in his promise to deliver economic prosperity, Reagan's reelection in 1984 seemed unlikely.


With a failing economy, hopes for a balanced budget vanished. Even David Stockman, Reagan's Budget Director and an advocate of supply side economics, fearing future deficits "as high as $200 billion," urged the president to cut taxes.


While Reagan finally agreed to a moderate tax increase on businesses, he steadfastly refused to raise income taxes or cut defense spending, despite a growing negative sentiment toward the buildup. In January 1983, with his approval rating at an all-time low, the economy slowly began to right itself. Unemployment, as high as ten percent in 1982, had improved enough by 1984 for his popularity to be restored, and by the November presidential election, it was hard to believe that a second term was ever in doubt.




Looks like I made an error in assuming Ms Spam knew what she was blabbing about. Obama's first term sounds much like Regan's, economically speaking. Hope she doesn't teach history.

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Uhm. I was just talking about how the Tea Party are embracing Reagan with a Meme from a facebook page. Thanks for being an ass as i can't seem to find any blabbing except for the one sentence above the picture I posted.

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