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Question about screen resolution

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I had a question. With the new board changes, is it possible to stretch the resolution of text boxes and the forum menus. Here's what I mean...

attached is a screenshot of my resolution of the forum.

And here, is the link to the "demo board" of the new version

Notice that there the forum stretches across the screen, but here it is only a narrow sliver of the screen (up to 1/3 of the screen is not used) which really hurts readability.

I understand this may only be a problem for people with large monitors like mine (1900x or larger resolution), but is this a possible tweak? If not, I'll stop bitchin

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The reason I'm asking, is because I seem to remember the old forum software stretching across the screen, even though I was running the same screen resolution (1920x1080)

Or maybe I'm just making that up, after all, I'm kinda drunk.

But serious, any way to fix or no?




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My laptop's older and resolution maxes at 1280 x 800. When I get a chance I'll check my desktop as it runs through my HDTV and I know I have that resolution set higher.



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We actually didn't change software, we just upgraded. The skin is what dictates these kind of aesthetics. I have a 32in monitor (1920x1080) and my 17in laptop (1600x900) and I can see everything just fine and the lack of stretch doesn't really bother me. I've been talking to JA about some other issues via email though so I will bring it up.


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OK thanks! :)

Yeah, I can actually read fine, it's just the lack of stretch is annoying. Sorry, for some reason this really bothers me. It's just my OCD acting up again... you should see how I get with folding clothes, putting away dishes, filing papers, etc. It's terrible.

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