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I don't like Irish people

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I hate pretty much any American who has lived here several generations and yet rants and raves about pride in their cultural heritage. If you're a third generation American, you're American-- not Iri

I'm part Irish. My parents didn't really force that on me though. My Mom's half of the family is Irish and she was the first generation born here in the states. That said, why can't we hate on the French? I guess because they're boring?


JM is a ND fan.


HA at Bodega. I was wondering if the Boston scene had punk bands that did that. Here in SA it's always someone dropping a jam session with Willie or some punk lie about the music scene in Austin.

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even Italy, that sh-tty peninsula of lazy guidos managed to produce Michelangelo, once upon a time.


Yep. JUST him.


What about Da Vinci? Hell, the renaissance started in Italy. What a useless culture indeed!


Well at least us Italians can find solace in the fact we have larger dicks than most.

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I like the Irish.


1. They look much worse than Swedes, giving me a head start.


2. They hate the English which is amusing.


3. They´re always drunk and looking for a fight, a reasonable way to go through life.


4. Boondock Fraking Saints!


5. They don´t mind buying a Guinness or Jameson or something else when drunk enough, i e most of the time.


6. Phillip Parris Lynott!


On the downside, there´s U2, Dropkick Murphys and yeah, all those Irish themes punk bands (who all seem to hail from Boston) are horrible. And green beer is a bad idea, but that´s only wannabe Irishmen who desecrate beer like that. Pour green paint into Guinness and it´s still black.

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Couple points of clarification here:


Guiness is ****ing delicious and LESS caloric than PBR (which tases like dog piss). Guiness 126 Calories, Pabst 144 - So, basically, Krawlie can go fist himself.


Boondocks Saints is terrible, so, Duke can go help Krawlie fist himself.


Ireland is a great place to go on vacation. It's like a bunch of friendly people who are just ****faced all the time.

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