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spoiler: the above post is full of fail.

I did day drinking with Ericka, Nikki/Ignig and Jesse/Ming. Now I have a tequila headache.   somebody took pictures it think. All I know is I got home and was ready to nap, then I had to go back for t

Because your cyst, your cyst is on my lips Because your cyst, your cyst, I can resist

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P.S. I voted for the Turkish coffee beer but only because my dad was there to vote for the Hazelnut Vanilla beer, which was also amazing.


No one liked the Pickle IPA that I talked to, and I schmoozed with lots of people.

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Guest El Chalupacabra

Whiskey and sadness make for sore hands and holes in walls. Not good.

I'm not much of a whiskey drinker anyway. I had a bad experience once where I was at a party doing a beer bong, and someone thought it would be hilarious to pour Jack Daniels down it instead. Ever since, I rarely drink whiskey.


Last night, I passed out after 2 margaritas and an arrogant bastard. I'm a light weight these days.



For the record, I do not have a hangover. I may only get drunk once a year, but Im damn good at it when I do.


I have long since learned my threshold to where I can get drunk up to the point where I don't drink too much and get a hangover, when I know I am going to go all out. I premeditate my drunken stupors! Plus, when I do, I drink water along with drinking alcohol throughout the night, and take an Excedrin migraine before I go to sleep and when I wake up to be sure.



Chalupa I have no new suggestions. I actually like Cider Beer lately and have an affinity for a cider beer made by Alamo.

I'll have to check it out.

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