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Boxing Bout turns to Riot - go figure

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the skiff guard

the skiff guard


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Apparently boxing in Argentina is an interactive sport.

Why is it that the rest of the world seems prone to rioting after (and during) a fair amount of their sporting events, while in the States fans rarely riot and when they do it's usually in celebration? Why in other countries do people take sports so extremely serious?


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Because they have nothing else.
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Yup. Plus it's not just sports....they'll riot anything. I've seen CNN before.




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There's a great part in Flair's book where he talks about his trip to Puerto Rico. He was booked against the local hero who was 140 lbs soaking wet and couldn't wrestle worth a sht. Flair was booked to win the match, but when he saw how rowdy the crowd was he changed the finish mid match and let the guy win in order to avoid a riot. It was a big deal then because Flair was champ and only the NWA brass could approve a title change, but Flair was afraid for his life so he let the guy have the belt. Apparently he had a hard time getting it back the next day as the guy actually thought he won the championship. Needless to say this "title change" was never mentioned on any of the TV shows at the time.

UK Legend Killa

UK Legend Killa

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Apparently it happens over here as well...

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