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A good year of F1 - just wish that the exciting mixture of drivers winning in the first half of the year had continued - but it's turned into the Vettel show again! Shame - I think Alonso has done a fantastic job in a car that has definitely not been the best. Superb driver.

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Well done Hamilton! Great performance through the year with so many wins - very pleased the stupid idea of double points for the final race didn't spoil things.

Hopefully Ferrari and McLaren will be better next year, but great to see Williams back on the podium again!

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Blimey - 6 and a half years on from the last post and he's still World Champ!    He's been in a league of his own, but something has got to give at some point you would think.   

Amazing they got a full season in last year with all that went on and is still going on.  Hats off to everyone involved.   

Below are the driver lineups for 2021 with Alonso coming back (despite just coming out of hospital from a bike accident!) and a certain Mick Schumacher (current F2 Champion) joining the grid - will be interesting to see what he can bring to the party in a car that will not be one of the front runners, just like his dad did in the Jordan (for his debut race only) and then the Benetton, which was "on-paper" inferior to the Williams in that era.

Lewis Hamilton – #44
Valtteri Bottas – #77
Red Bull
Sergio Perez – #11
Max Verstappen – #33
Daniel Ricciardo – #3
Lando Norris – #4
Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point)
Sebastian Vettel – #5
Lance Stroll – #18
Alpine (formerly Renault)
Fernando Alonso – #14
Esteban Ocon – #31
Charles Leclerc – #16
Carlos Sainz – #55
Pierre Gasly – #10
Yuki Tsunoda – #22
Alfa Romeo
Kimi Raikkonen – #7
Antonio Giovinazzi – #99
Nikita Mazepin – (racing number TBC)
Mick Schumacher – (racing number TBC)
Nicholas Latifi – #6
George Russell – #63
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And here we are again a few days before what looks to be an interesting season with all the specification changes!

Highly recommend the Netflix show “Drive to Survive”. Even my wife was annoyed with me that I had sucked her in to the world of F1 with this super series! :yes::)

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