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New - Anyone else into collecting soccer balls?

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Hello guys. I made photos now of all my soccer balls. If you want to see, go to facebook to this group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/330897886962714/   At the photos you will find my 180 soccer ball

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Guest karitts

2005 Champions League Final ball (Finale 5) with AC Milan and Liverpool imprint.


Does anyone have this as part of their collection and may consider parting with it?

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Guest jasonywong

Hello everybody.


I too am a collector of footballs but only Adidas Official Match Balls.


I have listed below the balls that I have. They are all original balls - not re-editions or replicas.


Those with a ' * ' means that I have more than one of these balls.


I am always after new balls but would prefer to swap instead of buy. If you have any Adidas balls that I do not have and would like to swap for any I have where I have an ' * ' next to it then please do let me know.


I am especially after a 1994 Questra


Many thanks,



Adipure 2011


Africa Cup of Nations Comoequa 2012 – Boxed *


Africa Cup Of Nations Wawa Abba 2008 – Boxed *


Azteca Maya Size 3A – Boxed


Champions League Finale 08/09 – Boxed


Champions League Finale 09/10 – Boxed


Champions League Finale 2010/11 – Boxed *


Champions League Finale 2011/12 – Boxed *


Champions League Finale 4 2004/5


Champions League Finale 5 2005/6 – Boxed


Champions League Finale 6 2006/7 – Boxed *


Champions League Finale 7 2007/8 – Boxed *


Champions League Finale Athens 2007 Final - Boxed


Champions League Finale Istanbul Liverpool Box 2005 Final Ball – Boxed


Champions League Finale Madrid 2010 Final – Boxed


Champions League Finale Moscow 2008 Final – Boxed *


Champions League Finale Wembley 2011 Final – Boxed *


Confederations Cup Kopanya – Boxed


Europa 2010/11 – Boxed



Etrusco Unico 1990 World Cup


Europass - Euros 2008 – Boxed


F50 – Boxed


Fevernova 2002 World Cup – Boxed


Gloria Vienna - Euros 2008 Final Ball – Boxed


Historical World Cup Mini Match Ball Collection – Boxed


Jabulani – Boxed *


Jabulani - Germany v Spain Semi Final – Boxed


Jabulani 2010 MLS Finals - Boxed


Jabulani PowerOrange – Boxed


Jabulani South Africa v Mexico Opening Match – Boxed *


Jobulani - Netherlands v Spain Final Ball – Boxed *


Jobulani Gold Final – Boxed *


Magnus Moenia - 2008 Olympics – Boxed *


Roteiro Euros 2004 – Boxed *


Speedcell – Boxed


Tango 12 Euros 2012 – Boxed *


Tango 12 Euros 2012 PowerOrange – Boxed


Tango Espana 8207 *


Tango Indoor Size 3(?) - 1984/85?


Tango Rosario Durlast - Late 70's?


Teamgeist – Boxed *


Teamgeist - Germany v Costa Rica Opening Match – Boxed


Teamgeist Gold Final Ball – Boxed *


Teamgeist Gold France v Italy Final – Boxed *


Teamgeist II – Boxed


Teamgeist University Red and White – Boxed *


Tricolore 1998 World Cup


UEFA Super Cup Monaco 2009 *

Hi, I am interested in the Jabulani South Africa vs Mexico opening match ball in your collection. My e-mail address is wxiansi@gmail.com. Please contact me for further detail. Thanks.

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Guest scorpio25

Hi hopefully someone can help me pls.. I have in my possession the Brazuca match ball used for the game Argentina v's Switzerland round of 16. Messi passes and Di Maria scores. What I would like to know is what would be the price range as I have had a few offers for it. For the past 2 years it has been kept on it's original stand and has kept original size.

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