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The last film you saw -- and what would you grade it

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I'd give it a solid A, almost bordering on A+. Oustanding performances throughout.


If there's a Sam's Club/Costco disc twofer, this has to be paired with Redbelt and essential to any collection.


This is the best movie I've seen this year. I'd give it an A+. Agreed about the performances. Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte really should be nominated for some Oscars this year, but I have a feeling they'll be overlooked.

With more time to think about it I would actually bump my score for Warrior up to an A. It made a big impression on me even months after seeing it and I cannot wait for the DVD. Notle should get an oscar and Hardy and Edgerton were fantastic. I remember being confused when I logged in here and couldn't find a thread or a mention of the film anywhere, its a shame it managed to slip under most people's radars.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty   A   I am pretty sure I love this movie. Ben Stiller's best work, imo.

Heavy Metal. Watched under the influence. I give it 9,001 cartoon nipples.  

Zero Dark Thirty   C+   An intriguing romantic comedy that's short on laughs but long on heart. Jessica Chastain stars as a beautiful young overachiever with a razor sharp tongue on a desperate quest

Straw Dogs (2011) - C


I get it - the juxtaposition of the macho "manly" man vs. the less macho man who steps up to the plate to protect himself and his loved ones when necessary is an intersting concept and I feel like it could be explored further and better in a variety of other outlets, but this film took WAY too long to set up and then just devolved into a gore fest. Of course, it was the gore fest part of the film that I enjoyed, but it was incongruent with the rest of the movie and the disjointedness distracted from both parts. Also, I thought the main character was an ***hole and was almost rooting for the rednecks until the (I fogot how to hide text so I won't go into detail, but it was an unfogivable act of violence) scene. I rented the film because I have the bitch-in-heat hots for Alexander Skarsgard. Since I had no other expectations than to fulfill a Skarsgard fix, I feel like I should have enjoyed the movie more (as I usually do), but I just didn't. I would rate it lower, but my crush on Skarsgard and the awesome violent brawl at the end keeps my rating in the passing realm.

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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - A


A movie like this should be judged for what it is - not as a cinematic masterpeice by any stretch of the imagination, but as a campy good time. I laughed all the way through it and I really love Elvira as a character. This movie delivered great 80s entertainment!

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I considered a C-, but the three leads all did a good job. The movie just wasn't all that good.


I kinda felt that way too. The performances were really good, it was more the less than compelling script/story that disappointed me. I'm sad because I'm a big David Cronenberg fan too. oh well.

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Limitless - B+ / A-


I really enjoyed this movie and it was a excellent film to watch on our new HDTV because it was very visually interesting. I'm hovering between a B+ and an A- because there were some plot holes, but it was certainly a cool premise and I ultimately liked the ending even though I was frustrated with it initially.

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X-Men: First Class - A


I don't know enough about the X-Men mythology to know how true to the comics this film was, but it seemed right for as much as I know. The acting was great, the special effects were awesome and it really got me interested in the X-Men again for the first time since I was a teeneager watching the cartoon show after school.

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Sorry for the lengthy post. I've got some catching up to do:


This week:

The Descendants - A+

Just a good film. It told a touching story, had impressive acting, and it was emotionally compelling.


Bad Teacher - B+

I can appreciate an over-the-top comedy as much as anyone. This one delivered the lulz. Would have been an A if it starred anyone other than Cameron Diaz. I'm sorry, but she's 40 years old, folks. She's done playing the ditzy, superficial hottie.


Straw Dogs (2011) - C

Ugh. My wife said it best. "That was just a horrible movie." Really, we're supposed to believe Cyclops isn't capable of fighting? He's no 70's Dustin Hoffman.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - B-

I love Gary Oldman. The movie, though, was a waste of some very talented actors. Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds, John Hurt, Tom Hardy, and Mark Strong. That's an amazing cast, but they were lost in an astoundingly confusing plot. It took me 45 minutes to figure out that "Percy" and "Alleline" were the same person.


Last week:

Colombiana - B

This movie was going to straight to A+. Nothing ruins a film more for me than astounding leaps in logic or random characters providing important information. See Demi Moore in Mr. Brooks. When the janitor at the FBI tells the agent what the orchid is that she's drawing on the bodies, and that orchid just happens to be her name... I'm not expecting excellent writing in my action films, but don't insult me by including a Deus Ex Machina.


The Grey - B+

It was not a horror film, so this next statement will sound weird. Honestly, no movie has made me jump more than this one since The Ring. It was an excellent movie. It got knocked for the ending.

Not for how it ended, but the fact that the ending was the most compelling part of the trailer. I don't mean "they showed parts of the ending in the trailer." I mean they Quarantined and Paranormal Activitied this film by showing you the very last moment of the movie in the trailer. Neeson strapping up with liquor bottles and breaking them off on a rock, strapping a knife to his other hand, then charge the wolf? CUT TO BLACK. I also went to the midnight show, so I was unaware of the post-credit stinger.



Insidious - A-

The Grey made me jump. Insidious made me dread and scared the piss out of me. A very cheaply made movie because the Saw people wanted to prove that they didn't need torture porn to make horror work. Netflix this movie if you haven't. It got the "minus" because the final act didn't live up to the build-up. The whole astral projection thing came from left-field. Best use of music in a horror film in ages


The Shining - B+

Wife has gotten on a Stephen King kick of late. She had finished the book and wanted to watch the movie. So we did. It got a B because she kept pointing out to me the differences between book and film. Before that, it would've been an A. I'm going to refuse to let her watch the It miniseries.

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Evil Dead 2 A+

a billion times better than i thought it would be


50/50 C

kinda funny, kinda sad, but mostly boring. lots of plot holes. gay ending.


Our Idiot Brother C-

boring, too few laughs, and way too serious. i'm tired of these "dramadies"


Alien 3 C+

now i remember why i didn't remeber anything from this one. forgettable.


Cabin Fever D

finally saw this, and barely made it through to the end. the second one is wayyy better


Cowboys and Aliens C-

another harrison ford "give me back my family" movie. lots of plot holes.


The Last Exorcism A-

really interesting all the way through. good sense of humor. minus for not loving the last 10 minutes as much as the rest of the movie.


Quarantine 2 B+

Almost as good as the original...not as scary, but solid storyline, and great ending.

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The Woman in Black - A

I love supernatural horror movies. This was, honestly, one of the best I've ever seen. Definitely the best I've seen in the "Saw Era."

Excellent use of atmosphere and lighting to achieve the scares. Several "Why is this shot lingering?" thoughts then noticing something on the periphery like a reflection in a mirror or a shadow moving. It creeped the hell out of me, in a good way.

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