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The last film you saw -- and what would you grade it

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    Advad Disagerer

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Little Women - C+


I came out of the theater not liking it but when my friends and I talked, I was reminded that most of the things I didn't care for a really mandated by the book-the saccharine nature of it all and the one-dimensional quality of some of the characters. And some of the other things that made me wince a little have been a trend anyway-especially for remakes.


It was just cloyingly sweet. The 4 Little Women spent every moment on-screen (when they were all in the same scene) embracing each other, playing with each other's hair, play-wrestling and wrapping all their limbs around each other. They embraced each other's heads and acted like they had to have as much contact with each other's bodies as possible, laying their heads in each other's lap and ****. It was like watching a litter of 8-week-old kittens without the fur.  And they all talked at the same time, all over each other, in each of these scenes. I missed a lot of that dialogue and it was little maddening but it's also much more like real sisters this close would talk. And Laura Dern was absolutely wasted as Marmee-she was only there, apparently, to knit her eyebrows together and give away all the March's food and blankets to neighbors. Then, Father got home from the war and much joy ensued-for about a minute-then, we didn't even see him again.



I thought the cinematography was beautiful and the costumes were gorgeous-although, it seemed like the only complaining the girls did was about how poor they were-how destitute and how much they hated it-yet each of them had scores of beautiful, voluminous dresses and gorgeous hats an accessories. But that's just movie stuff, right?


Also, the way everyone spoke was very contemporary yet everything else was IN the Civil War era. (Was "capital" actually used as an adjective at this time?) The liberties they took that I liked; much more info on Jo and her writing career and when 2 of the characters broke the 4th wall and addressed the movie audience-although it only happened those 2 times and felt very out of place-it was interesting.


When I look at it knowing it's a remake of a remake and all of that? It's not so badly done. Through that lens, I'd go B-.

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Watched 6 Underground. C- GAWD. Michael Bay is bad. That was a hot mess of nothing. It was a mash up of a ton of his previous movies. 




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I Heard You Paint Houses (2019)




Frozen II


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