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Haha. It'll be interesting tonight. Addai has been having a great season so he could easily make sure you win this game. Painter is much better throwing to Clark than Collins though. I'm counting on losing this match-up, but will gladly take the win when Dallas Clark scores a touchdown with 1 minute remaining to bring the score to 31-17. :D


Can't believe I put myself in a position to cheer for Painter.

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Injuries, and bad luck in general are the worst to 'deal with' in fantasy.


I'm sitting here like okay "how do I improve my team's scoring from 99ppg. There's not much you can change at that point.


Fortunately with the Manning injury impacting my real life football team that accelerated my feelings about fantasy which usually be early November degrade into "Well, I'd like to win today, but its not going to ruin my Sunday if I don't." So I hope I'll pick up some wins eventually here but there's not much else I can do about it in the mean time.

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Week 5 Game Lines


Irish Micks -14

Kemah Jokers +14


Dexy's Midnight Haters -11

Ash's Ruff Puppies +11


Team Carr -9

Aussie Kangaroos +9


UKLK's Vikings -73

Austin Tanks -73*


The Nightmares +13

Austin Steelers -13


Texas Super Dragons +6

Rock's Heels -6


*There are two empty slots in the starting lineup (Both BYE's) for Austin Tanks...

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