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Would love to get back on the winning track this week. Run DMC has been amazing thus far, Grossman performed admirably today (of course Campbell had 30 today lol), here's hoping Turner/Nicks put together decent games so not only will I grab a win but the score will be respectable too.

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NFF History: Most Points Scored in a Match-up

159 – '07 Aussie Kangaroos – Week 6

155 – '06 Aussie Kangaroos – Week 6

149 – '09 Austin's Steelers – Week 6

143 -- '11 Dexy's Midnight Haters -- Week 2

141 – '09 UKLK's Viking's – Week 6

138 – '09 Irish Micks – Week 6


Dexter's 143 points in week 2 represent the 4th highest total in league history. Weirdly, his total is the only one in the top 6 that did not occur during Week 6.


NFF History: Most Combined Points in a Match-up-

270 – Aussie Kangaroos/ Team Carr – Week 6 '06

268 – Nightmares/ Austin's Steelers – Week 6 '09

251 -- Dexy's Midnight Haters/Irish Micks -- Week 2 '11

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Stafford to Team Carr


Reuters -- Chicago -- News recently broke that Team Carr has made a trade for the Detroit triggerman, Mathew Stafford, in an effort to fill the gaping hole left by the potentially season ending injury to Peyton Manning just the week before the season. This is the first foray into trading for Team Carr since a deal in 2009 that sent the same Roy Williams to Texas DDT for draft picks.


Peyton Manning, a first round pick in 2006, who had started every regular season and playoff game in Team Carr history was sidelined for an extended period of time earlier this season. News of Manning's potential season ending surgery sent team Carr owner Garrison Carr reeling.


“I really didn't know what to do. How do you replace a guy like that,” said Carr. “He's been a top 5 guy at his position every year since 2006. That's the definition of consistency.”


Since 2006, Manning has ranked 1st, 2nd, 6th, 3rd, 4th at the quarterback position, reeled in 2 AP NFL MVP awards and led Team Carr to numerous victories along the way.


“After news of the surgery broke, we scoured the waiver wire and it was as bare as I've ever seen it,” said Carr. “Campbell filled in admirably in week 1 despite a projection of 5 points, and Grossman did a great job this week, but we've been looking for something more. We didn't want to continue with the quarterback shuffle every week.”


Carr eventually turned to division rival Exodus, owner of the Kemah Jokers. The Jokers are led by perhaps fantasy's number one quarterback, Aaron Rodgers but also had the rising star Stafford on his bench. A player who has been an object of desire for Team Carr since the draft.


“I really like the Lions and I like Stafford, if he stays healthy he can be a real player in this league,” said the three time Uber Bowl finalist. “We initiated trade talks with Exodus and it was a relatively painless procedure. We knew it would have to be a draft pick and a player or two and that's how it turned out.”


Team Carr ended up sending Chicago WR Roy Williams and a conditional 2012 draft pick to the Jokers for Stafford. That conditional 2012 pick would be a 3rd rounder if Stafford plays all 16 games, but gets downgraded to a 4th rounder if he misses a game.


“We really liked the deal because it gives us a guy that hopefully will be a consistent answer at QB,” Carr said. “And it didn't cost anything that cripples us this season or down the line, the cost was very acceptable even though we are usually very reluctant to trade draft picks or a player of Roy's caliber.”


This move could backfire if Stafford injury history plagues him once more, but for now some are saying that it could have saved the season for Team Carr. Through two weeks, Stafford ranks as the 4th highest scoring quarterback and will provide a huge boos to Team Carr that appears to be very strong in other areas. Time will tell, but for now Carr is optimistic.


“No question, we're right back in it,” he said. “We are picking up a huge win this week and we're committed to making the best out of this season, and right now, there's no reason to think the best can't be an Uber Bowl victory.”

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Fun Facts: Dexter becomes the final original member of the league to top 120 points in a game. Took him 53 games (took the franchise 66 games).


Ex scored over 120 for the second consecutive week, only the second time that has ever happened. Rock did it three weeks in a row in week's 6, 7, and 8 in 2007.

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Trade Announcement

The Aussie Kangaroos have agreed to send rookie QB Cam Newton to The Nightmares in exchange for QB Matt Schuab & The Nightmares 2012 First Round Pick.


With the potential injury to starting QB Tony Romo, GM Brad Watts couldn't believe his luck when The Nightmares improved on their originally offer for development player Newton. Watts stated 'that while we have full confidence in Newton to be a brilliant starting QB down the track, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a competent starter in Schaub and also put ourselves in a great position for next year with another 1st round pick.'


Despite the loss to the defending champions in week 2, where the decision to leave TE Tony Gonzalez on the bench came back to hurt the Roo's, Watts believes that the franchise is on its way back up to the levels of where it dominated the NFF over the first 5 years. 'We have the all time regular record amongst the many other impressive NFF records but this is the year we aim to go that little bit further and bring the NFF Trophy to the fantastic people of Australia, its what they want and what they deserve!' announced Watts.


Further details on how The Nightmares are sure to follow.

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Dex will be the leading scorer in a week for the first time since Week 4 in 2009 when he defeated the Irish Micks 116-61.


In other words, Irish's sweet sweet ass is always good for big points. :drool:


Unfortunately, I'm losing a high scoring receiver every week so at this rate I'll be starting Anthony Gonzo by week 7.

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Police are issuing a public safety notice after many owners have been approached by a shady green-skinned man offering them dodgy deals. Officials say to stay away from him but if he does approach you then you should quickly make a crack about how poor Chris Johnson has been this year. This usually renders him inert and leaves him curled up in the foetal position for a matter of minutes

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