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I honestly don't know what to say about everything here.   I have not been around as much as I used to. I will completely cop to that. When the league started, I was single, working a BS job where I c

Notes from GSPN Stats & Info   - UKLK's Vikings coming through with the highest score of all-time, taking down the Aussie Kangaroos 159 point effort from Week 6 of 2007. It's the first 150+ point

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Maybe so, but I was comfortable drafting Kaeding to begin with for having him on my roster before. It was either early keeper or past Yahoo. If they're consistent, that's a huge plus for starters. If they're a consistent player that is projected to do well, even better.

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NFF breathes easy once more


The end of an era came about late Monday night as the tyrannical reign of the shadowy dictator known as 'Rock' was broken. NFF headquarters was the scene of much jubilation as the news emerged that UKLK had, once again, beaten Rock. The Vikings Owner, Head Coach and occasional mascot read a prepared statement to the gathered masses, who cheered the 113-77 scoreline wildly.


'Never in the history of all human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.' Edwardson started, before slowly and painfully reading out the boxscores of the entire match-up. Much glee was had at the expense of one 'Chris Johnson', whose paltry efforts paled in comparison to that of the Vikings RB's, despite one of them not even playing.


The 2 hour press conference was punctuated by several sporadic outbursts of 'Kumbaya', 'Ebony and Ivory' and '99 Red Balloons' (the reason for the latter is still unknown). Many attempts were made to contact Rock but he was nowhere to be found. Reports suggest he is hiding somewhere in a barricaded bunker in Germany, sobbing like a small child and waiting for the Russians to kick the doors in.


Finally the masses dispersed, but not before topping the statue of Rock that stands outside NNF HQ (It was erected shortly after his Uberbowl IV win)


Rumours persist that after this defeat the NFF imposed 'trade embargoes' that were placed on Rock after accusations of insider trading may soon be lifted. Whether there is any truth to these rumours remains to be seen but one thing is for sure:


Rock got his ass kicked.

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I would agree that it'll be difficult to replace the projected (very key word) #1 kicker in football if last season the difference between 1 and 12 wasn't just 2 points per game :wink:


Well, not to mention that projections are widely varied and objective, anyways. Ex and ESPN may have had Kaeding first among kickers, but it was hardly unanimous (ranked fifth on Yahoo's Draft Kit & ninth in Sporting News mag, for example). Still sucks for Ex, no doubt, but any ***** in the armor of the reigning champs is welcomed by the rest of the league. :biggrin:





EDIT: It would seem that according to the Nightly Censors, armor (or armour, for you, Ryan), can have dents, holes, or weaknesses...


...but they most certainly cannot have c h i n k s. :unimpressed:

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I would prefer Raron Hernowski myself.


Has Dexter's team really put up 100+ points?




He most certainly has. I'm in that weird position of whether to cheer each Miles Austin catch because the Boys need a win badly or to curse due to the increasing lead.

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