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I honestly don't know what to say about everything here.   I have not been around as much as I used to. I will completely cop to that. When the league started, I was single, working a BS job where I c

Notes from GSPN Stats & Info   - UKLK's Vikings coming through with the highest score of all-time, taking down the Aussie Kangaroos 159 point effort from Week 6 of 2007. It's the first 150+ point

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I'll take that.


Season's over guys.


Ex send the trophy across the Atlantic


Yeah, right. We all know how Ex feels about Lucas' predictions.


Anywho, I'm really liking this year's ESPN app. I've actually had it on my iPod for three or four weeks, now, but this is obviously the first real chance I've had to put it through its paces and it's pretty nice.


Not only easy as PIE (Dex) to keep an eye on my game, but the rest of the league's games and even updated scores & stats on the NFL games are just a tap away. Pretty sweet!

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Reports have starting Nightmares quarterback Matt Schaub being summoned into his owner's office before the final whistle had even blown on the team's opening weekend loss. Though it's unclear what exactly was said between the two, unconfirmed eavesdroppers claim to have heard the phrase, "I am not going to put up with this **** all season again!", as well as the sound of several heavy objects being thrown against the walls.


The Nightmares portion of the post-game press conference was slightly unusual, as owner Eric Rash called in a guest speaker to address the media on his behalf...




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I'm not tragically upset about only scoring 83 points (and definitely not about losing). I had a really sub-par day from the TE and defense, if each were a little better and I'd have hit 90, which has always been my benchmark. Campbell was decent, but that's pretty much what I can expect from him all year.


I'm a bit worried about Steven Jackson, who started off the year in true Steven Jackson style. Brilliant strategy by the Eagles really, letting him score on that 47 yard run. They knew he couldn't run that far at one time without pulling something, and they were right. I'm set enough at RB right now I hope they hold him out 2-3 weeks to make sure he's 100%. I love the fact that S-Jax is such a gamer, but I'd rather have him 100% healthy. Nicks and Marshall both got banged up at the end of good games, so hopefully they stay alright too.

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Brilliant strategy by the Eagles really, letting him score on that 47 yard run. They knew he couldn't run that far at one time without pulling something, and they were right.

LOL - nice. :thumbsup:


However, you lose points for calling him "S-Jax". I'm so glad on NFL Network's "Top 10 Things We Miss About Football", one of the top things on the list was "Real Nicknames". It's good to know that I'm not the only one who's sick to death of the crappy, lazy, unoriginal "nicknames" players have these days. Initials and abbreviations are not nicknames. Once upon a time, they may have been - but that was when they were reserved for special cases. I remember when Chris Webber was called "C-Webb", he was the only player around with a nickname like that. Now every team in every sport has a few of those. As someone said on that show, "LT" should have always just been Lawrence Taylor.


I really, really miss the days of "The Nigerian Nightmare" and "The Minister of Defense". Even names like those just get ripped off down the road. Remember when Randy Moss was "The Freak"...and then like a year or two later, so was Jevon Kearse? I'm so glad Rock gave me an original & cool nickname. And that's another thing - you can't give yourself a damn nickname! Man, this rant should have gone in the NFL thread...

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