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Final Fantasy XIV


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Pugilist is alot of fun, but I think I'm going to stick with Archery for now, which I currently have tied at 8 with my physical level.


I've updated my blog/website with a new post featuring some final screenshots from Open Beta. I'll make an update in a couple of days with more current photos.


You can view the post here or here.

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I guess I'm gonna join TR on Wutai for a while. Lindblum is off the grid due to overcrowding. Everyone I know personally playing (except TR) is on Lindblum.


I want some pics, name/race/class stats, too!


Sounds good.


Tonks Lafleur is my name in there.


Though the LS I'm in wants everybody to at least post a sorta ' hey here is a little about me app' on the forum before they'll give a pearl. But it's no big deal. Its just so people dont randomly show up in game that we don't know.



I just got done having a 12 hour party with a bunch of LS guys. lol No joke. I got like 80 thousand exp. first we grinded.. then the leves came up again and we did like 40 of them in a row. just ridiculous. We just finished teaming up to destroy every giant crab in Limsa. lol But alas, I need sleep.


Though Lindblum will open up again after they get it evened out. If everybody you know is there, maybe hold out for it I guess. Not sure when they'll allow server transfer.

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I just can't enjoy playing this on my laptop, I need to get my desktop up to par to play. It's not just the lag I imagine, it's the graphical staggering, etc. I try attacking something and about 15 seconds later I see my character move, though the HP bars drop. I dunno, maybe it is part lag. Regardless, my laptop's not really setup to play it for now. I'll see what I can do about finding something adequate to play on.

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Guest BriboGandii

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