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Final Fantasy XIV


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Finally got to check it out just now after the train wreck that was Squares key giveaway. lol



I'll be starting in Wutai.


the Gridania cutscene is completely awesome. haha.


I recieved an email from Square about the beta, but between remembering my square login and filling out the info, I gave up. It would have been nice, but I'm working out of town during the weekdays for the next month and a half, so it's not like I would have had much time to play it.

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So I started the beta last night. I really like the graphics and all. Took me forever to figure out how to rez when I died. Which there was a pop up so I didnt have to look around for it. I started as a black mage human in the tree city on Wutai. Played for abotu 2 hours, and did a quest at one of the spire things.

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Yeah, I really wish that it would have more pop ups at the beginning explaining how things work.


They aren't very clear about a lot of things.


It took me a long time to figure out that 'return' is what I needed to use to warp back after death.


Also, today they released a bunch of new information, including the opening cinematic of the game.








  • Adjustments to enmity will continue to be made.
  • Adjustments on existing methods to refresh MP will be made and new methods will be added.
  • Along with dealing damage, Battle Regimens can also cause effects on enemies such as lowering physical defense, increased casting time etc.
  • Some monsters will have certain parts (arms and legs) that can be damaged using certain skills while standing in a certain position. Doing so can weaken the monster, prevent special attacks from being performed and allow the player to receive that damaged part.
  • Notorious Monsters (mentioned earlier) will be added, most of them being different in appearance than their family members. Some are larger than Morbols!
  • Plans for PVP will be announced in the near future and many class abilities that are already in the game were designed.
  • There are plans for large scale battles

Crafting and World Economy:


  • Physical and elemental statuses will greatly affect crafting and gathering. There are hints in the game that reveal what statuses affect which aspects. For example, attributes for a crafting class can affect synthesis quality and elemental stats for a gathering class can affect the type of crystals obtained while gathering.
  • Parley is a mini game in which players are able to obtain items without the need to participate in combat. If you defeat the NPC you exchange your items for the items you need.
  • Ease of using the Market Wards is being worked on and new features will be added in addition to adjusting existing ones.
  • Looking into ways to make buying and selling items through retainers easier.
  • At the time of release, inventory response time should be improved. Work will continue on this after release.
  • Levequests are not able to be retried immediately after failing as a method to prevent abuse of the bonus EXP offered. By returning to the NPC that issued the levequest, players can gain the opportunity to retry the quest objectives.
  • A significant reduction in the amount of time needed before receiving more Guildleves will be made. Because of this, the time needed to recharge Anima will be reduced.
  • Leve linking will allow two players with the same Guildleve to join together and receive a reward bonus
  • Several high level leves will be introduced. New monsters, rules and operation locations will be included in these. Guildleve based NM battles will also be introduced.
  • Currently working on new ideas where land and hand disciplines work together with war and magic disciplines to complete certain tasks.

Mentioned during the event but omitted from the report was the news that players will be able to work together to create large items. One of the examples shown was creating a cake and being able to customize it with different decorations! Other examples included a cannon and a small boat.





  • Hardware mouse
  • Discounted monthly fee payment plans (3-month in Japan, 3 and 6 month plans in North America and Europe)
  • Level cap of 50
  • Adjustment to UI so player abilities are not reset when changing classes.

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Is there a way to turn the camera with the keyboard? It just feels awkward doing it with the mouse.


They have the option to customize your key-bindings in the in-game configuration menu, but unfortunately its kind of not working yet. I'm changing my camera keys as soon as they let me lol.

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