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Final Fantasy XIV


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Sorry if any of this has been answered already, I'm just going down the page. :)


I had to run mine on "low" because my LCD is 1330x738, so 1280x720 is the only one that will fit.


I might try closing every other background app, except wifi and see what happens. I played XI on a laptop and it ran just fine, so I was rather miffed that my score was so low, considering I have a pretty awesome notebook. :angry:


I would definitely be up for another NN linkshell. If I end up having to wait until the PS3 version, then hopefully some of you earl adopters will be willing to have a new job to level for the PS3 folks so that way I don't have to worry that I'm 50 levels behind in order to start partying :p


I'm assuming they will still have job switching capabilities? I always thought the ability to just switch job titles was a great MMO feature vs some others that made you have to create another character to try a different job class.


Unfortunately that's how it goes for new PC games, especially MMOs, especially from Square-Enix. You'll have to have a decent system. A laptop short of costing $1500 most likely won't handle XIV so well.


Just like TR said, the benchmark is a bit bunk with the numbers, but its not too far off. On lowest settings with my previous configuration, (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, GeForce 9800GT 1GB, 6GB DDR2 RAM) I scored a 2008. I could handle playing the game at the lowest settings on everything sans overlay resolution, but any higher just made me want to shoot myself with how slow it ran. If you want to be confident with your PC setup running this game, then you would want to score at least a 2500. This is my own personal opinion but I am very tolerant to setting details to low in PC games for smooth gameplay.


If you don't plan to do any PC gaming other than XIV, then yeah I'd just wait for the PS3 version. It will also give you time to wait for server stabilities to be set in place such as literal networking, player economy, etc.


About different jobs in the game, yes they still have "job" switching, but they consider them more as "skills" now instead of separate jobs. I believe its to encourage players to create unique identities by combining abilities and traits from other classes (not just only one like in FFXI). I like to think this reasoning also explains why additional characters are $3.00 each.


Well, they are claiming that there are no jobs, per say.


Even though, there is like.. Gladiator and Lancer and whatever.


It sounds like the jobs will be dependent on the weapons. In all the interviews, they keep saying that like... say you're out fishing and some friends come by and want to go party, you could simply put away your fishing pole, take out your sword and you are good to go. Or, say a little ways into the party and another gladiator shows up, but you need another mage. well you can put the sword away and take out your staff and you're ready to go again.


Sounds pretty fluid to me, I think they are trying to really streamline it so you can play alone, and still be able to do the quests. It was always a pain in the ass in FFXI to have to go find a moogle in order to switch your job.


The weapons themselves are said to have levels instead of the job. So I'm not sure how that works exactly, maybe Seph can chime in about that.


But, like in FFXI, you still only need one character to be able to experience ALL the jobs or roles that the game has.


As for the benchmark though, I would wait til it gets closer to release to really decide if you can play it or not. By all indications, the benchmark is somewhat broken. lol So you may be able to run it a lot better than it claims.


Yep, switching classes is as simple as changing your weapon. You can only switch weapons while in Passive Mode (and fight in Active Mode), something which takes a few seconds to get in and out of. I know some people will be able to claim to fight single battles using different switched classes, but I'm sure the developers do not intend to let players do that so easily.


The weapons do not have their own levels though. Maybe you heard about "weapon skills" having their own level, which in actuality isn't anything different than class levels. For instance, I am rank 10 in hand-to-hand combat (therefore I am a Rank 10 Pugilist) and rank 4 with polearms (Rank 4 Lancer). The terms are a bit interchangeable, it sucks that there's confusion!


So I guess the only other question I have int hat scenario is: does that mean one set of actual 'gear' is fine, and changing the weapon is what affects job change? I know it was cool seeing different armor vs different mage gear in XI, but the one thing taht was a huge PIA was the storage problems with all that gear.


If you don't have any gear changes, that's a plus in some ways, but then does that mean we'll have a bunch of clones wearing the same "level 30" gear? Oh look, there's the level 30 elves! Oh look, there's the level 50 elves?


I know we could say that about, say a level 30 warrior vs a level 50 warrior, but that was much different than ALL the level 30's in one set of armor. :shrug:


Currently when you switch classes, everything you have sans weapon (for obvious reasons) is unequipped. Just like FFXI and other MMOs, all classes share equipment with others. Its possible (and highly probable due to the focus on staple classes in the Final Fantasy series) that there might be some completely class-exclusive gear ala Job-Specific-Equipment in FFXI but we'll have to wait for that.


Regarding storage, it doesn't seem like it'll be too bad this time around. Now you can hire multiple retainer NPCs that you interact with like with how you did a personal Moogle in FFXI. Currently in the beta, I have one retainer that holds 80 items. Any extra retainer I presume would also hold 80 items, and then more after that, etc. Retainers will cost $1.00 each in the retail version. You pick their name and basic appearance, which is currently limited to race and sex. They seem to have levels but I don't know more than that. They also function as your method of selling items en masse to the public. Like any floor of Jeuno, its just a bunch of characters standing around with bazaar icons over their names.


Gear is totally customizable. There are bits and pieces that can make it unique for yourself such as the type of fabric and metal lining/covering part of a shirt, and also color dyes. You won't see too many players beyond level 10 or so wearing the same thing.


Again, I'm not sure exactly how it all works.


Seph needs to get back in here and give us some info from somebody who is actually playing the beta. haha.


I think there are still going to be a ton of different armor choices, just like before. I'm not sure if the weapons themselves actually level up, or if like.. say.. your sword level, goes up . And the higher your sword level, then the higher equipment you can use, that sort of thing.



Also, instead of subjobs, apparently you will be able to mix and match abilities that you've learned from previous jobs. Not sure exactly WHAT abilities you can carry over, if there is a limit or whatever. But it appears that you could combine abilities from like 3 or 4 jobs all at once, and make your own class, sorta thing.


You most definitely can mix and match your abilities that you have learned from other classes. The way they limit you to not overpower yourself is that you have a total number of points allotted to you to potentially max out. So far my number is 30. Each ability I add to my ability bar adds up. Basic abilities such as Taunt (Provoke) maybe will cost 3 points, whereas TP moves can cost about 6-7 points. Like I said earlier in this post, there is a strong focus for players to make unique classes instead of cookie-cutters so prevalent in FFXI.

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Sweeet, the game just looks amazing. I hope I can run it on decent settings with my 5770. Even the low settings screenshots though look really nice.


Upon retesting, I get 3500 on low on the benchmark (2500 high), so I should at least be able to run it on normal.


I love the depth of field effects too. And the occlusion I'm sure is real nice, but I probably won't be able to have that setting on.


As for the retainers. I see a lot of people bitching about them, so hopefully they get them sorted. I've read that there are like 8 zones of nothing but retainers. lol How you're supposed to go through all of that mess to find what you need, I don't know.


I guess they are trying to eliminate the AH so that they can help cut out the gil sellers and what not, but it might be too much of a pain in the ass to do away with it.. Dunno..


Sweet seeing the FFXI mobs too. Lots of fond memories... I'd probably still be playing if squares billing thing wasn't so messed up and I could actually register a new credit card to the account without playonline crashing. Ah well.


I have my CE all paid for through Amazon, and I requested the day off from work on the 23rd. lol

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Phase 3 is supposed to start like tomorrow. So hopefully we'll be seeing a ton of new information crop up. Also, they should be sending out a bunch of new beta invites, so I hope I get one.


Also, they've said that Linkshells will work similar to how they did in FFXI, in that you have to get it from the NPC and hand them out. Does anybody have any LS plans thus far? I know a lot of us here would like to be on the same server, but it looks like only a few of us will be getting the CE PC version at launch. Or have you signed up with some of the LSs that are currently trying ot recruit pre-release. If so, found any good ones? lol

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Sounds like they want 2-3 weeks of open beta before the game starts. So keep checking on the site for information. If they want 3 weeks, that means they have to start open beta in a week or 2. I wish I could get the Hermes shoes or whatever they're called, but I'm not reactivating my account for them.

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Yeah, I've been taking screenshots almost nonstop. The game is insanely beautiful and I can spend all day just exploring (which is exactly what I did on Monday!).


And speaking of photos, I've created a FFXIV photoblog to show places I've found and things I've done in Eorzea.







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