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A touch of insanity.

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A couple of mistakes in there that even Microsoft Word is pointing out, but yet doesn't like all my other re-wordings so I've just left it as I am suposed to be on the revision path right now and spent far to long on this already!
Hope you guys like, I decided to make a challenge and use all 5 items in my story (I don't have a clue what 'true at first light' is about but I still wriggled it in).
Thanks for reading x

I found myself in a small room with white wash walls; there was no door or windows, or even an object evident to give of light anywhere in the structure. Yet the room was filled with a dim, yellowed light that shone from no where, creating dark impenetrable shadows in all four corners.

How I had come to be here I do not know, where here was I was also unsure. Yet that sense of familiarity would not budge and I held no fear, only a feeling that I have yet to recognise.

The chair I sat in was fashionable in the year of my birth as I had seen an identical set of chairs and table once in an early photograph. Dark mahogany that clashed with the pristine white walls. The table that I leant on was also mahogany, probably part of the same set as this chair and the one that was positioned in front of me. Empty for the time being, but hopefully someone would come and keep me company at the same time as explaining where I am. Perhaps they can also explain the single red rose sat in a small vase in the centre of the table, a small drop of what looks like blood is running down the stem and leaving a red track down the thorns. While they are explaining that perhaps they can also explain why this unrecognisable feeling multiplies tenfold when ever I set eyes on the thing.

Movement in one of the shadowed corner pulls me away from my thoughts as a tall man with electric blonde hair and black sunglasses steps out from nowhere. “Hello chap, good to see you”

“Who are you.” Slips out of my mouth before I realise my mind had even started thinking, that none existent bulb flickered. “Why am I here, where is here?”

“All in good time friend, at least let a tired man such as myself take a seat” much to my annoyance the man slowly made his way to the other mahogany chair, pausing to study the red rose with the blood droplets. “Hmm certainly done the job here haven’t you Ted” he uttered giving me such a smile that shudders crept down my back.

“How do you know my name” I was getting angry now, how dare this man take me away from my day with my wife. Oh, that’s what I was doing before I was here. Drinking in the sun while my wife tended to her rose garden, passing her the odd white cane for her to position them lovingly within. How I wished she showed that much care for me.

“Because I am you” that creepy grin was back but this time I was too occupied with his words.

“Stop playing games. Who are you?” I said that with more anger intended, I don’t usually lose my temper like this. You have to learn to hold your temper with a wife like mine.

“I go by many names Ted. Crazy, Cuckoo, mental illness … you however may call me insanity”

He’s crazy, “Stop this. I want my answers now or else …”

“Or else what, are you going to beat me with that cane?” laughter bounced of the walls as I glanced down at my clenched fist to see one of my wife’s white canes for her roses in my hand, positioned like a bat.

“What … but I would never … How?” Confusion has taken over that unknown feeling. There wasn’t a white cane in the room when I looked, and how did it enter my hand without me knowing.

“My name is insanity, welcome to your mind” the blonde man grinned in amusement” don’t believe me, look on the table”.

I looked almost subconsciously and nearly doubled back as a copy of Hemmingway’s ‘true at first light’ was positioned underneath the bleeding rose. No longer in a vase but lay down, the blood droplets leaking onto the book cover. “How did you know that book, I’m half way through reading that book” that rose was familiar with the white cane in my hand, and not because of the all familiar rose garden. Something was there, something trying to get out. “How did I get here if this is really my mind, why am I here” clutching at straws now I know, but I don’t understand.

“You became my friend Ted; you did what you could never do before. That cane and me has become your best friend. You will never have to set eyes again on the red roses … the bleeding red roses” his lips turned upwards, probably to the progressing look of horror on my face as the flash backs came.

The wife “Ted I need another stick now, hurry” … the anger and hatred … the white stick in my fist … the speed and the crack … the blood on the roses … the horror and self hatred … the lifeless eyes.

“No, I didn’t I couldn’t … I wouldn’t, I love her …” self hatred and disgust now recognised rushed through my mind. I killed her, my own wife. All because she showed more love to the red roses than to me. I looked up at the grinning face, the sun glasses had been removed and I now recognised the blonde figure.

“My name is insanity, and I am you”



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Awesome! I love the stream of consciousness vibe this has. It makes sense once you get to the end, of course, but it rocks even before that. :drool: Nice work!

This is also a nice break from the other less serious stories that have been submitted before this. You don't want them all comedy.



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very cool! :) youve gone dark side, wolfie! :lol:



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Yea this is very dark but I liked it. You've really matured as a writer in the past couple years. :)



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"My name is insanity, and I am you"

That sent shivers down my spine. Thanks for posting!

When you started out I was remembering Thoreau's Walden which is good and bad. Bad because I hated this in high school. Good because I was only one of four to get an A that quarter on a research paper that almost killed me... "The use of Allusions in Henry David Thoreau's Walden." Lucky that I found an annotated version in my school library. I still can't pick up that book.

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