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Marvel's The Avengers

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I'd say it kicks all of their asses, takes their lunch money, and laughs in their faces as it walks home towards its insanely hot girlfriend that it will probably bang later.

Hawkman is also a DC property, like Green Arrow.

I would just love for this to be the first thing that Whedon does that's actually successful outside of niche fandom.

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I imagine the "I'm always angry" bit was one of the things that bothered Edward Norton, too.


I thought it was out of character, but it worked so well with the general vibe off the movie I easily let it slide.


Why are so many people unable to comprehend this? Does everything have to be explained?The ending of Norton's Hulk obviously implies that Banner is capable of turning into the Hulk at will. Banner turns into the Hulk twice in this movie. Both times are under VERY different conditions. The first is after the Avengers have gotten into a massive argument and the Hellicarrier is attacked. This causes a very tense and weary Banner to slip into the Hulk transformation, thus, once transformed he is the uncontrollable monster that we all know. The second transformation takes place while Banner is in a calm state of mind and is in control of his emotions. When Banner says "I'm always angry" it's just a witty response to Cap.

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There's a line in the latest comic issue of Hulk that makes perfect sense-- banner says that the intelligence and strength level of The Hulk isn't consistent, and has to do with what sort of factors triggered the transformation.


It's kinda like most werewolf fiction-- once they learn to control it, they can transform at will and be in control-- but piss them off or find them on a full moon and there's zero control.

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