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Tough Old World

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so anyways i saw this little gray spider
you know one of the ones that look like fuzzy gray crabs
he was kind of scuttlehopping across the floor
yeah and though normally those guys give me the crawling horrors
this one looked kinda friendly

so I offered him some of the mango rum i was drinking
and he said "thanks, man" in this really aggrieved voice
so i said "rough day?" and he said "hoo-boy" in this fake redneck kind of accent that got us both laughing

but he took a loo-o-ong pull off his tall cool rumdrink
and said "hoo-boy, that hits the spot"

and he was right it did

so we chatted awhile about one thing and another

turns out he had a family -- a wife and thirty-squirty odd kids
worked construction for a living till he hurt his leg
(the third one back on his left side)
now money was scarce and times were hard

he kept saying "hoo-boy, hit's a tough old world"
and his speech was getting slurrier and slurrier and he kept on saying how tough the world was

he was kinda getting on my nerves cause i hate a whiny drunk
but he had another drink

hoo-boy his speech was shot
and he kept calling all his babies spardits not spiders

then he said "hit's a tough old world" one more time and
thats when i popped him with my shoe

he kinda twitched a couple times so I popped him again

yep, killed him dead

and you know, sad as it is,
he was right.

It's a tough old world, sparditman.



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:lol: I love this! You are really good!




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Thanks, Foxglove! :)



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This was great. Have you ever posted a version of this here before? Perhaps a shorter first draft for a contest? Or have you posted another poem along these longs before? I seem to remember you and something along these lines years ago. It was also quite good, whatever it was.




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Ah, Sonny. This is actually an old poem, and I couldn't remember if I had posted it before or not. I did a search for it and couldn't find it. So, yes, I think you have read this before.



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You know what, I vaguely remember it too. But it was worth posting again because it's bad ****ing assed!

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