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Bill & Ted's Radical Remake

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Darth Wicket

Darth Wicket


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Be excellent to each other ... and ...






The movie has a release date of August 21, 2020. This could actually be happening after all these years!

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The storyline seems to be that the future has come and it's OUR future, as in the real world, and Bill & Ted can't figure out why it's not the future Rufus told them would happen.
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    83% Muppet

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And then they find out that Rufus was always an alt-right troll and they’re responsible for what happened.
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Zerimar Nyliram

Zerimar Nyliram

    Yes, that's me.

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Is it ever states just how far into the future Rufus' time is? If it's the several centuries, we've still got time to catch up. There would be no need to explain technological discrepancies.

I, for one, am psyched about this! I was obsessed with Bill and Ted as a kid.

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