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Mystery Sample FOUR

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Poll: Mystery Sample FOUR (7 member(s) have cast votes)

So who wrote it?

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Ten thousand years ago there might have been bottom shaped depressions on the side of the path wild boar walking took from the clearing they called home down to creek where they drank their fill. Even after the boar had moved on or all been eaten this path would continue to be used by what passed for human back then. The bottom shaped depressions would widen and grown in number until they marked a common resting place halfway down the hill to the creek. It would be here that people would sit and rest if they needed a break from their walk.

One thousand years ago, when man had conquered the concept of boat travel, the common way stations might be a flat sandy beach halfway between one tribe and the next.

Two hundred years ago the way stations likely began as the place one covered wagon stopped for a couple days of rest and recuperation before braving the steep mountain passes.

One hundred years ago, train stations had become the most common stopping points for the long travelers.

And now, in 2012, as had been true for the last seventy five years or so, gas stations were the midway stations for more travelers worldwide. As in every case throughout history, you could stop here to get a load off, relieve yourself, grab something to eat, and rest a bit before traveling onward.

"The Arc of the World is turning!" The homeless man shouted.

James Gallery glanced that direction. He was a well built man; well defined muscles and little extra fat over a six foot four inch frame; but his baggy clothes hid most of it for now. Nothing like a tee shirt two sizes too big bearing a smiley face with a hole blown between its eyes to scare the ladies away from his looks. He didn't imagine his shoulder length hair, his sole protest to his military background, helped either.

James' clear blue eyes focused on the homeless man.

"The Arc of the World is turning James Gallery!" The crazed man shouted, even louder.

"Do you have a minute, Mr. Gallery?" Someone said into his left ear at the same moment.

James turned to Jaymie Rota, an intense young actress who had the look and talent to convince any audience she was anywhere from five years younger or older than her actual age of 14. "Just a moment."

He returned his gaze to the old homeless man, who was rubbing his hands together like a chef anticipating a customer's first bite.

"Did Cletus there just shout out your name?" Lindsay Balfour, another actress, this one 22 years old and far more glammed out than Jaymie, asked curiously as she passed on her way to the station's bathrooms.

"I think that was just Jaymie." James replied distantly.

"Yeah, just me." Jaymie sighed. The wind was playing with her long blonde hair, which seemed to irritate her because she pulled out a rubber band and secured it behind her face.

James waited another moment, but the homeless man appeared to have shot his wad and was just glaring at their group with bloodshot eyes. He was standing by the trashcans next to the ice freezer, so he was fortunately not even close enough to smell.

Thank God for small blessings.

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This one is one of the rougher ones. I said Rich, because I know his mind works in that history way. But frankly, there is something about the actresses names that are so familiar... I feel like if I could figure out why, I'd be 100% on the author.

I hate guessing games, btw :P



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Is James their bodyguard?

"The Arc of the World is turning!" a possible secret code?

You gotta post more. I want to hear what the old man wants to tell James.

I'm with Icy. This was a rough one.



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I hate guessing games, btw :P

You and me both! LMFAO I totally suck at these but they're fun but I do hate them. Does all that make sense?



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Finally got this one. :D



    puppy mama

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I was between four or so for this one. Maybe I should have done some back research before starting these votes. I didn't frequent this forum until about a year ago, so I missed so much history.

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