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Little things that annoy you

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Clearly Tami is Racist

Now that Amanda's here, yeah!   I avoided making a list because I don't want to be viewed as Shadowdog Female, but now that this thing's floating around again, I have to.   * People who use the left l

People who don't understand that if you want me to pull your credit report, you have to give me your SSN and DOB. Don't tell me you won't because of fear of identity theft. I can't do **** without it.


The number one thing I've learned after being at this job for 3 years is no one in America understands credit.

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I have discovered that in our "Identity Fraud" scare to make people buy all kinds of things like software to protect our computers, LIfelock and secure shipping and fraud protection is that we have raised a bunch of fear mongering pansies. I understand your pain, Krawlie. "Uh, Dude. You called me. I did not call you so you should know the number you dialed into your phone belongs to the good people who want to help you and is not a scammer that called you out of the blue." (I work part time taking check orders, Krawlie.)


As for annoying ****, well today I had a freakin flat tire by the side of the road with the side that needs to be changed facing the traffic side and not the opposite side nearer to the side of the freeway with open grass. I'm struggling with getting my jack rotated and trying to keep my ass out of traffic and people are honking at me. Look jerk, I know where I am. There's no safe part of the highway I can pull off because the next exit is 5 miles up and I don't want to drive that far on the flat. Stop honking at my ass and help me or STFU.

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Selecting bull**** over silence.

Acting better than someone.

Engaging me in a conversation with no intention of paying respects to both sides of communicating.

People who don't understand the entire point of a debate is to have conflicting sides trying to learn about the other.

The ridiculous tipping standards of America. If you don't service me well, you aren't entitled to a tip. Even then, a tip is a gift. Hey lady who never filled my water or even smiled, you aren't automatically getting 5 bucks.

Attack ad propaganda during election season. How about telling me what you are planning?

The shopping cart with the flat tire that I always end up with.


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