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Dumb Ass City Names


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Rancho Mirage, CA (are we sure it's really there?)

Sand City, CA (beach community... naturally)


There's also Atascadero, CA, which by itself is fine, but translated from the Spanish means "bog", or, as one history professor put it, "Mud Hole". Mud Hole, CA.... you can see why they decided to keep the Spanish name. ;)

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and nobody's mentioned Intercourse, PA? I also recall tourists thinking Slippery Rock was funny but I never got the joke. But then, I also don't think anything with the word beaver in it is funny, either. It's an animal, you know?

I couldn't imagine what would be funny about Slippery Rock, except maybe the college.

We also have Indiana, PA, which is apparently home to Homer-Center Highschool, and California, PA. There's also Fairchance, Shoemakersville, Freeland, Factoryville, Paradise, Breakneck, Champion, Husband, which are all from the center and westward. To the east, there aren't as many funny names, but we do have Little Italy, Mozart, Bucktoe, and Hinkletown.

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DENVER- I love this city, but what's it supposed to be denvering to?


NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES- why can't we have strong one-word names for America's two biggest cities? The long names sound too non-committal, like we're not even trying to last as long as Rome.


NEW MEXICO- ****ing retarded. Like a kid made it up


KYOTO- is just a rip-off of Tokyo!




LISBON- sounds like an Arab metropolis in Portugal


NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH AFRICA- there to just confuse us all


PARIS, TEXAS- exists just to make jokes about how you're not going to the real one

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Guest El Chalupacabra

Goobertown, Arkansas (aptly named!)

Elephant Butte, NM (elephant Butt!)

Truth or Consequences, NM (Named after a game show from the 60's)


Bitter Springs, AZ (Let's move there!)

Beaver Dam & Beaver Valley, AZ (shut up, Beavis!)

Bullhead City, AZ (could have been worse!)

Bumble Bee, AZ (Transformers live there?)


Rancho Mirage, CA (are we sure it's really there?)

El Mirage, AZ (Rancho Mirage's sister city, not sure if it's there, either)

Elephant Head, AZ (I guess better than Elephant Butt!)

Grasshopper Junction, AZ (just a hop, skip, and a jump away!)

Happy Jack, AZ (I guess a bunch of Who fans?)

Paradise Valley, AZ (False advertising!)

Santa Claus, AZ (ghost town of Christmas past!)

Skull Valley, AZ (I think that name is kinda cool, actually)

Strawberry, AZ (Yummy!)

Tombstone, AZ (Again, I think that name is kinda cool)

Tortilla Flat, AZ (Tortillas are flat? Who knew!)

Three Way, AZ (Swingers!)

Tuba City, AZ

Why(?), AZ

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There's a town I drive through on the way to visit my parents called Hope, AZ, on the 60. They have a sign on either end of the town that says "Your Now Beyond Hope" and it's been there since at least the 80s.


Yes, it says "Your Now Beyond Hope," not "You're." And it's been there for at least 30 years without correction.

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