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Dumb Ass City Names


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There's a town near where I live called "Mocksville." There's another one called (I swear to God) "Stinky Creek."


Are there any dumbass city names near where you live? I'm not asking you to scrape through the internet "10 Ten Most Retarded City Names" lists we've all seen. I'm talking about actual factual city names near you! Photos of city signs are a bonus. :p


Do you feel sorry for the people who have to live there or are you like "**** em, they shouldn't moved there!" ?

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The Native names here make for a good giggle for newcomers...names like Lilliwuap, Nooksak and Walla Walla can be just plain fun to say! Then there are places whose names don't pronounce the way they spell; Sequim is SQUIM, Kalaloch is CLAY-lock and we have a Des Moines here but most of the asshat locals insist on pronouncing it duh-MOINZ. (They say "it's NOT the same as the city in Iowa, WE pronounce the "S", but they can't tell me why, then, they don't call it dess-MOINZ, if they really DO pronounce the S.)


But my favorite Washington place name is HUMPTULIPS!



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Did some digging, and found some from the UK, US, and Canada. I wouldn't call any of them dumb, some are certainly funny and others are unusual/noteworthy. {obviously some are unusual now since they share a name with something that's become well known later}



Towns/cities in UK [Counties listed, all in England unless otherwise noted]


  • Climpy (Strathclyde, Scotland)
  • Little Snoring (Norfolk)
  • Dollarbeg (Fife, Scotland)
  • Ham and Sandwich (Kent)
  • Giggleswick, North Yorkshire
  • Kilmahog (Central Scotland)
  • Little Sodbury (Avon)
  • Felldownhead (Devon)
  • North Piddle (Worcs.)
  • Sockburn (Co. Durham)
  • Middle Wallop (exact location unknown)
  • Eric Gotobed (exact location unknown)
  • Cuckoo's Corner (Hampshire)
  • Dunnose (Hampshire)
  • Flash Bottom (Staffordshire)
  • Lower Piddle on the Marsh (Gloucestershire)
  • Offton (Suffolk)
  • Yondertown of Knock (Banffshire, Scotland)
  • Dunvegan (Inverness-shire, Scotland)
  • Moneyacres (Ayrshire, Scotland) {I have it on good authority that this is where Oliver Wendell Douglas's family came from}



Towns/cities in US


  • Monkey's Eyebrow, AZ
  • Last Chance, CO
  • Joes, CO
  • Elfers, FL
  • Mayo, FL
  • Bacon, IN
  • Tingley, IA
  • Elvira, IA {everybody sing}
  • Smileyberg, KS
  • Duckers, KY
  • Krypton, KY
  • Ono, KY
  • Hot Coffee, MS
  • Skidmore, MO
  • Truth Or Consequences, NM
  • Flushing, NY
  • Can do, ND
  • Kremlin, OK
  • Stalker, PA
  • Burning Well, PA
  • Notrees, TX
  • Boston, TX
  • Old Boston, TX
  • New Boston, TX
  • Chocolate Bayou, TX
  • Onion Creek, WA




Towns/cites in Canada


  • Come By Chance (New Foundland)
  • Sea Cow Pond (Prince Edward Island)
  • Moose Factory (Ontario)
  • Salmon Arm (British Columbia)
  • Jerry's Nose (New Foundland)
  • St. Louis de Ha! Ha! (Quebec)
  • Cankerville (Ontario)
  • Lower Economy (Nova Scotia)
  • Duff (Saskatchewan)
  • Elbow (Saskatchewan)
  • Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump (Alberta)
  • Colgate (Saskatchewan)

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On their own, these names aren't terrible, but if you live in Colorado, they are:


Superior - full of rich and upper-middle class snobs, and I'm not even joking.


Commerce City - it's a poor, run down city that hasn't seen any commerce, that isn't crack, in a long time.


Erie - the only thing erie about this city is that people keep wanting to live there. I guess, if you build trailer park, they will come.


Crested Butte - it's pronounce like the "beaut" of "beautiful". Tell that to the tourists.


Brighton - ok, the name is not funny or ironic in any way. I just hate Brighton. It's so damn far away from every city that's even remotely tolerable, and people I know are always trying to get me to go out there. It's looks like a really sad and tired attempt at a bustling suburb.

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There are cities in Arizona named Bagdad, Surprise, and Snowflake. There's a gulch near my town called Dry Beaver Creek, which always gives me a giggle.


Crested Butte - it's pronounce like the "beaut" of "beautiful". Tell that to the tourists.


:lol: Yeah, well, we have a Thumb Butte here.

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Theres also a town called Climax. Which leads to really bad jokes whilst traveling, like "look, guys! We've reached Climax! And it only took an hour and a half!" Horrible, I know, but you have to do something on long car trips :p


Georgia has the other half of that town. We have Cummings here. I think its on the east side of Atlanta if I remember correctly.

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