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Another Little Something

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The scene: Chrissie's BEDROOM. The walls are petal pink, and posters of bands, movies and teen heartthrobs do a good but not perfect job of hiding wallpaper border featuring cute kittens with bows around their necks and pink balls of string to bat at. Chrissie and the Daughter (named Beth) are sprawled on Chrissie's twin bed, surrounded by teen magazines. Music blares from the speakers of Chrissie's stereo.

Chrissie: “I'll be right back!” <leaves the room. The sound of spitting is heard a few moments later. After that, Chrissie re-enters the room and takes up her former place and magazine.>

Beth: <with an envious look> “You are SO lucky!”

C: <shrugs> Yeah... well, at least my mom didn't kill me when she found out. I'm only grounded from the internet and my cell phone, and my friends can a least come over when my parents are home.”

B: “But still! It's SO cool, and all the guys at school think you're so awesome for having it!”

C: “Yeah, it's not too bad. And I've only got a few more weeks with the Listerine.” <smiles>

B: “I REALLY want one, Michelle had hers done last night, and she got the most awesome stud for it. It glows in the dark! She showed me today. The only thing I have that glow in the dark are my retainers.”

C: “So why don't you get one? It's all you ever talk about.”

B: “I want one...”

C: <gives an exasperated sigh and pushes her hair out of her face> “Look, I got an extra stud when I had mine done, why don't you just use that, and pay me back for it later. Just do it right now.”

B: “Now?”

C: “Yeah, now.”

B: “Seriously?”

C: “Yeah, seriously. You want one, right?”

B: “Yeah...”

C: “So do it!”

<The expression on B's face flits from doubt to determination as she considers C's proposal>

B: <with determination> “Okay!”

<C pushes her hair out of her face, and stands up>

C: “Okay. My mom has a big needle that should be good enough to do the piercing. I'll go get it.”

<C leaves the room, leaving B to pace the room. She returns a few minutes later with a large needle, an ice cube in a cup, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and a bottle of Listerine all tucked under her arms or clutched precariously. B's eyes grow wide before narrowing again into steely resolve. C lays all of her piercing implements out onto her white wicker vanity>

C: Okay, so, I stuck the needle into the flame on the stove, so it's disinfected and stuff. Sit down here, rinse your mouth out, and suck on this ice for a minute.”

<B does as she's told, while C pulls a stud out of her jewelry box. It plays “Music Box Dancer” and a ballerina twirls around when she opens the box. C wipes the stud down with alcohol, as B turns red trying to withstand the cold of the ice cube.>

C: “Is your mouth numb yet?”

B: <nods>

C: “Okay, then let's do this.”

<B obediently spits the ice cube back into the cup and sticks her tongue out. C sticks her tongue out a little as she eyeballs the center of the tongue. She stabs B's tongue. B screams, and flails to get the needle, which is halfway through her tongue, out of her tongue.>

C: <shouting above B's screaming> “You said your mouth was numb!”

B: <becoming hysterical> “I can taste blood!”

C: “Of course you can!”

<C's mother knocks, and pokes her head into the room through the open door>

C's Mother: “What in heaven's name are you girls... oh. Oh dear.”

<B is sobbing, while C is doing her best to look aloof and indignant. C's Mother leads both girls out of the room and into the KITCHEN, which is yellow and decorated with roosters. She gives B more ice and a rag, and C an incredibly displeased look while she calls B's mother.>

<Cut to B's mother arriving at the house. B has calmed down, and looks frightened.>

M: “So... Chrissie pierced your tongue for you.”

<B starts sobbing again>

C: <looking petulant> “I really only half pierced it.”

<Both mothers give C a warning look. C bows her head and stays quiet.>

M: “Okay, Beth. Say goodbye to Chrissie and Mrs. Johnson, we'll stop off at the urgent care center before going home and telling your father.”

<B waves to the mother and daughter perched around the breakfast bar, and follows her mother out the front door. She and her M buckle in, and M starts the car.>

B: <whispers> “Am I grounded?”

M: “Decidedly.”

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    showing all my haters love

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:lol: this was great! :lol:

i really cant imagine why anyone would want their tongue pierced. it is so stupid! :lol: but i love the dialogue in this. great job guys!



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Another great job by you guys! :P The dialogue really works and as for what happens, here are some of my reactions:







    I am groot

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Man, this was cringe-worthy. Nice job icy. I can't believe after all that, she still let her friend pierce her tongue for her!



    Taking on the world with an innocent smile

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Ow ow, ow, ow, OW! *shivers*




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lol, thanks for the compliments and squirms, guys :lol:



    Oh my god Becky, look at her Big Book...

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Am gonna print this out and use it whence Olivia gets to that age... best to be prepared! :lol: Great job TDC!! :thumbsup:

Undome Telcontar

Undome Telcontar


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well they both fail. beth isn't drunk anough, and chrissie doesn't have the balls to finish the job. AND they do it at home with parents around. wtf.

but good story. :thumbsup:

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