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Nightly Basketball Federation - Season VIII

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Ya know what, I take it back. I'll give it one more try, **** it. I'm still in fellas.   Unless you just dont want me and if thats the case may the fleas of a thousand camels fly up all your noses.

I'm all for changing stupid stuff on the fly.

After a marathon session, I was able to solve the NBA lockout, an I salvaged part of the season.   Game on.

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Nightmares' George to return against Motown

By MICHAEL MAROT (AP Sports Writer)

1 hour ago

AP - Sports


PHOENIX (AP) -- Paul George is coming back sooner than expected.


The two-time All-Star has been cleared to play Sunday against Motown just eight months after he broke his right leg during a Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas. He announced his return by tweeting a picture of his game shoes on Saturday morning, and the team then confirmed the news.


"I just want to give back to the team after they've given me so much", George said of his return. George's injury came just days after signing a new contract extension with the Nightmares. "I just feel bad - I have, all season long - just sitting here in street clothes after being made the highest paid player on the team. I got my matching salt and pepper shakers, I've been using my McDonald's coupon book, I finished off my bag of Skittles - (we're not just talking about a) regular bag, mind you, we're talking the Family Size - and here I haven't even played a single minute, yet. It just feels wrong."


All that is known, at this point, is that George will be available on Sunday. Whether he will actually see any court time or simply remain a highly paid and rather homely cheerleader remains to be seen. "Hard to say, right now", said Nightmares owner Darth Lohr. "He may play normal minutes or he might just play ten, so for us it's a bit of a crapshoot. Of course, you could use that exact term for playing Bargani, considering the steaming pile he left on the court last night."


If George is truly at full strength, the Nightmares could certainly use him with the championship on the line. After getting absolutely pummled by the Macks early on, the team stormed back in the second quarter, thanks largely to the heroics of Chris Paul, and the game has remained tight ever since. Paul, who is a team co-captain along with George (they are collectively known as Chris Paul George), has missed having his teammate out on the court with him and hopes that he plays. "If he can play, I say it's crazy not to play him. We're out there busting our butts - and some of us only got the Fun Size Skittles."



Mesa, AZ - MARCH 31: Paul George #13 of the Nightmares warms up before a game against the Irish Micks on March 29, 2015 at the Hellhole Arena in the Phoenix metro city of Mesa.


(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)


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Thank you, JZA - and right back at you! I can't say I pay as close attention to the Finals when I'm not in it, but I don't remember there ever being a title series that was that suspenseful. We had three lead changes during the week and then were tied going into Sunday, with the winner not being determined until late Sunday night. It may have had the lowest ratings (is anybody out there?!?), but I say it was the most exciting. It was also awesome to have an old fashioned, no streaming, let the best/luckiest team win.



Back around the time of the draft, having had to use a keeper spot for Paul George and knowing he'd be using up an IR spot all season long, I honestly almost wrote this season off. So, to win after all that feels pretty damn good! I'm also proud of the fact that I actually was able to change my overall strategy mid-season, after certain intended areas of strength failed to develop and other areas that I expected to be weaknesses suddenly started improving.


Chris Paul, who has been with the Nightmares since 2011, is the only player that has continuously been with the team since our our first title in 2012. He was undoubtedly the series MVP, leading the team in scoring, assists, steals, FT% (doubly good, since he also took the most FTA), second in threes, second in rebounds, and second in FG% (while taking the most FGA). Though he was the overall MVP, someone else was certainly the hero of the final minutes. After a putrid performance on Friday and a little "tough love" motivation in my interview on Saturday, I decided to re-insert Andrea Bargnani at the last minute (after initially benching him in favor of Paul George). Blocks looked like they were going to be the deciding category and I was already without top shot blocker Hassan Whiteside, who re-injured his hand and ended up not playing Sunday. Bargnani responded Sunday night with a season high four blocks to put me over the top.


Incidentally, the only other current Nightmare besides Chris Paul that was on that on that 2012 championship team? Yep...Andrea Bargnani. :cool:

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2015 League Champion!

The Nightmares
Owner(s): Eric Rash
Regular Season Record: 90-78-3




Nope. They posted this on Monday. So, you may now feel free to bow and pay your respects. http://freesmileyface.net/smiley/respect/king-041.gif

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Once again, thanks to football, basketball has snuck up on us. The NBA regular season kicks off Tuesday, October 27 - less than three weeks from now!



Last year, we started on the 12th and finished on 21st - so we should be okay, as long as we don't screw around. You've had many months now to consider things, so hopefully you have a clue who your keepers are going to be. I hope so, because, in order to give us a little pre-draft prep time, the keeper deadline will be on Monday, October 12th. The 2015 Draft will start on Saturday, October 17th.



Now, I would really, really love to move both of those dates up by at least a couple of days. So, if you are alright with starting sooner, please say so. Also, as a reminder, please note that free agency does not begin until (a still-to-be-determined date) after the draft.

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Honestly, I believe the overall daily participation was much improved. Personally, what sort of bummed me out a bit more was the huge nosedive that social participation took last year. Even when you add the ability to communicate on FB (which everyone except JZA is on), it was still eerily silent most of the year. In fact, when I won the Finals last year, it felt more like winning a small private wager, rather than the culmination of a season-long battle. Hell, Jeff was the only one who even acknowledged that it happened.


When it came to setting lineups, however, we were in pretty good shape (with one glaring exception). Here's a breakdown of participation in the regular season, reflected in Average Games Played Per Matchup (AGP). There are always bound to be slight differences per team, due to the fluctuating NBA schedule, injuries, the occasional mental lapse, and the increase in the use of streaming by some teams. Given all of that, 90% of the league still fell within an average margin of less than 5 Games Played each matchup.



GC Rollers 516 (27.2)

Balling Dead 443 (23.3)

Team Carr 555 (29.2)

Highlight Reel 613 (32.2)

Kem. Schemers 567 (29.8)

Nightmares 575 (30.3)

Irish Micks 609 (32.1)

Motown Macks 571 (30.1)

York.Terriers 556 (29.3)

Yosemite Sams 534 (28.1)


LEAGUE AVG 554 (29.1)



So, as we can see, everyone except MATT did a pretty good job of staying on top of their lineups. Matt, can we expect more effort this year from the Balling Dead?

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In fact, when I won the Finals last year, it felt more like winning a small private wager, rather than the culmination of a season-long battle. Hell, Jeff was the only one who even acknowledged that it happened

I'll try harder to give you the attention you feel you deserve. ;)


Of course I'm in.

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Well, if Texascat's "What's up?" was actually a commitment...and if my above post and his general love for the league convinces Lucas to officially commit...we're still missing Super Dragon.


Now, the stats show that he was really the only owner to not give a decent amount of effort last year. In fact, he was officially warned about that at one point in the season. The problem now is that our backs are pretty tight up against the wall. If we need to add a new owner, we have just days to do so and still have a reasonable amount of time to draft in. Last year, I managed to get JZA back here and that was awesome. Beyond just giving us enough owners, he was probably the most involved owner here at NN and he also had his best season ever. I put a word out to Rock, hoping to recreate that magic this year, but the last time he and I talked about the NBA, he still wasn't really following it. I'm praying that things have changed, but we can't count on it.



So, if anyone has any ideas, please speak up. The keeper deadline is obviously no longer on a fixed date, since we still don't even know who's playing. *sigh*

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So, I just had a thought and would like to hear some feedback...



We need to start ASAP. I have messages out to Texascat and Gar to confirm that they are, indeed, playing. At this point, I say Dragon should officially be out. His participation has not been very good for multiple seasons, now. As I showed, last year did not bring an improvement and he was even warned publicly on FB. And here we are in October and have not heard from him here or on FB. We need to move on. I have feelers out for a replacement. Especially with the limited time to get things rolling, however, I can't say I'm overly optimistic.


Soooo, what I propose is waiting a day or two more at the most and, if we're not up to our full ten teams, that we consider switching our format to a Roto league, instead of H2H. It would lose some of the "rivalry" aspect, but there wasn't much of that anyway the last couple of years. I use to play this sort of format in fantasy football for years and really enjoyed it. There was still plenty of smack talk opportunities, as well. Plus, the season is longer and less luck-related. Thoughts?

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