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Nightly Basketball Federation - Season VIII

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Lohr you beautiful son of a bitch! You did it!


I make that comment out of the utmost respect to Sean, who I thought I had no chance of beating. So really it's a slight against Eric, who I think I have a small chance of beating lol.


The season long numbers indicate you being the safe 5-4 favorite. I'll see if I can't fix that!

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Ya know what, I take it back. I'll give it one more try, **** it. I'm still in fellas.   Unless you just dont want me and if thats the case may the fleas of a thousand camels fly up all your noses.

I'm all for changing stupid stuff on the fly.

After a marathon session, I was able to solve the NBA lockout, an I salvaged part of the season.   Game on.

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This matchup is pretty great so far, and playing out exactly as one might expect.


Based on season averages and current standings it looks like this is what we have "for sure" so far:










Up In the Air:

Assists - (Carr +8) - Nightmares and Carr ranked 1/2 in the regular season

Steals - (Nightmares +1) - Nightmares and Carr ranked 1/2 in the regular season

Blocks - (tied) - Nightmares and Carr ranked 6/7 in the regular season

Turnovers (Nightmares +4) - Nightmares and Carr ranked 10/11 in the regular season

Points - (Nightmares +4) - There was a big disparity here in the regular season, but the longer I keep it close the better my chances get (still really not good for me, but w/ a difference of only 4, I can't give it definitively to Eric just yet)


So we've got 5 categories separated by a combined 17 'points.' That's pretty crazy.

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As much as I do so very hate the whole roster-stuffing thing, with the championship on the line, I admit I made a token effort at it. Didn't have the time for it, really though. Can't say how much of a difference it made in deciding things. Either way, a (very) belated congrats to you, Gar. Three titles in six years - pretty damn impressive.

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Keeper deadline is today at 5PM, EST


2014 Draft begins this Sunday at 5PM, EST



Please be aware: You may have noticed that very, very few players have

eligibility at multiple positions. I have been assured by the ESPN fantasy

helpline that this will change as the preseason rolls along. However, for now,

it seems that each of us will have to make our best guess as to who those

players will be when selecting keepers and drafting.






And a public awareness announcement worth repeating...


Lucas1138, on 23 Oct 2013 - 6:51 PM, said:

I just (tentatively) set my lineup through November. It took maybe 5 minutes. If you know you're busy and missing days has been a problem for you in the past, this might be a good way to spend a few minutes :)


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DI knows he missed me. He'll be wishin I never came back before its all over. I brought my secret weapon!

Please, the JZA knows that he can't handle this. Besides, I think the years have only established just how much that you are my b!tch.

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