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Nightly Basketball Federation - Season VIII

groove terminator

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Mission: Accomplished!




"Am I in over my head? Of course I'm in over my head, but that doesn't mean I can't have success. I follow basketball, like I said its a passion of mine. I'm going to succeed because I have the work ethic an drive to succeed at anything. All the haters can apologize when they see me when I take the Larry O'Brien trophy on a championship tour this summer, because listen up..."


I'm listening


"I'm guaranteeing a championship for Team Carr in the inaugural season of the Nightly Basketball Federation. I'm bringing that trophy home to Chicago...er, Indianapolis. Hell, this team is going to represent the whole Great Lake area! Thanks for your time Suzie, I gotta run! Go Team Carr!"


When brand new basketball team owner Garrison Carr made this seemingly gaudy guarantee in his first interview this season many passed it off as an egotistical punk sounding off just to get people to pay him some attention... Well, "all the haters can apologize when they see [him] take the Larry O'Brien trophy on a championships tour this summer." Because Team Carr backed up their owners ridiculous guarantee by bringing home the championship in astounding fashion on Wednesday night.


In a clash of titans reminiscent of Rocky Balboa versus Apollo Creed that went back and forth for the entire duration of the match Team Carr was eventually able to overcome the Gold Coast Rollers to capture the inaugural Nightly Basketball Federation title. Both owners repeatedly attempted to be gracious in leading the match or while facing a deficit, though its widely assumed that due to their friendship that was just a ploy to hide the curses that they undoubtedly wanted to throw the other's way.


At roughly the three quarters point in the match it appeared that the Gold Coast Rollers were poised to take control of the match, and did for a night or two. It was at that point Team Carr administrator Garrison Carr realized that he was on the fast track to losing yet another championship game and took matters into his own hands. "You know... that was really the turning point for me. I just decided that if I was going to lose again, I was going to go down swinging." Carr decided that blocks were going to be a critical category so he adjusted his roster accordingly. Basically scouring the free agent pool searching for anyone that could help out in that category. The saviors turned out to be Kendrick Perkins and Brendan Haywood who combined for 8 hugely important blocks down the stretch. Making as many moves over the past 4 days as he had all season Garrison Carr was able to ensure Team Carr's victory.


Going into tonight's games assists, blocks, and points were all still going to be hotly contested categories. With Chris Paul in the lineup, the Rollers quickly locked away the assists category. That still left 2 majorly important categories to be officially decided however. There were times when the GC Rollers threatened in either category but could never mount a serious offensive to take one of the swing-categories. That meant that Team Carr was able to come away with the inaugural NBF championship.


During the post game celebrations owner Garrison Carr had a few things to say, while working the crowd of course:


"Well.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! First of all, I just wanna congratulate the Rollers on a terrific season. They came back to win their division by a half game and proved they belonged at the top by making it to the finals and giving us a hell of a game. This is without a doubt the best championship matchup I've ever been a part of... and we all know I've been in a few of those :D" After some brief unrest from the crowd Carr continued... "I just want to thank all my players for backing up my smack talk at the beginning of the season. And I think its safe to say that without this guy... without this guy, this season wouldn't have ever been possible for us!" Kobe Bryant smiled and started to head toward the podium..




"Danny! Come on up here man. This, ladies and gentleman, is the MVP of this game and our entire season. He definitely came up huge this week. He shot 50% from the field, 85% from the line, led the team in 3 pointers and steals, came up HUGE with 7 blocks... and he did all that while averaging 32 points per game! In the playoffs he took on LeBron James and Chris Paul and he beat them both. Great job Danny! As for the rest of the NBF, we'll see you next year when we're back to defend our title!"


Congratulations to Team Carr for becoming the 2008 NBF Champions. Great job to the Gold Coast Rollers for giving them all they could handle and putting on a terrific show for the entire league. Great job to all involved and I can't wait until next year!

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2008-09 NBF Final Standings


1. Team Carr - Garrison Carr (120-67-2)


2. Gold Coast Rollers - Brad Watts (110-75-4)


3. The Nightmares - Eric Rash (116-70-3)


4. Rock's Ballers - Rock Ledoux (110-76-3)

5. Motown Macks - Jeff Kage (113-72-4)

6. Yosemite Sams - Jessica Clark (98-87-4)

7. Kemah Schemers - Jeff S (85-100-4)

8. Milwaukee Beers - Austin Hass (83-106)

9. Irish Micks - Sean Crowley (90-98-1)

10. Texas Slamma Jamma - Matthew Meaux (56-131-2)

11. Team Goad - Dexter Goad (74-112-3)

12. Team Akil - Steve Akil (63-124-2)


Now we have hit the offseason, any proposed changes that you wish to propose to the league can be made. One thing I do ask is there is to be no ridiculing of anyone's propositions. Everyone will be able to have their say. Heck I would even like to hear the positives & negatives from this season (keep it civil please) which should help make NBF 2009-10 an even better season! I know I am readying my list of proposed changes.


Trophies have been assigned and I will announce other awards soon. I hope everyone had fun!

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Alright folks, its getting towards that time again with just over 2 months to go before the season starts!

ESPN has closed for maintenance to reboot for the new upcoming season

so we need to start talking about any minor changes that might be good for the upcoming season (ie getting rid of the rookie rule, way to hard to police and in hindsight god only knows what i was thinking!)


feel free to propose any ideas to get some discussion going

i know i would like to propose that the schedule have a more of a divisional feel (so that you play against the teams in your division more often than the offer division)


we also need to ensure that all teams are committed to the length of the season as there were a number of teams which werent active in keeping their roster up to date, even if we need to shed a team or two if needs be (i know there are people looking to join the league as replacement owners), if you can't commit then thats fine as I would rather know now rather than half way thru the season when you havent updated your team for a month or more



i would like to get everything sorted hopefully in the next 2 weeks so that we can get started on drafting

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so far confirmed for next season are

current champion - Lucas1138

groove terminator


darth irish


pharaoh jza

darth lohr



still waiting confirmation from


dr destructo

ms. spam



confirmed looking to become a replacement manager




also feel free to add suggestions for changes, would like to get the ball rolling on any asap

i think we might be scaled back to 10 for next season to ensure that all members are fairly active in keeping their rosters up to date


and i will ask again as i know there will be plenty of suggestions and ideas (i'm looking at you two lohr & rock! lol i know you two will have a decent write up on suggestions!)

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