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Anybody else excited about new Rush? They have a new song called "Far Cry" on radio and the new album comes out May 1st. They doing a summer "world tour" although they have only released dates for USA, Canada and Europe. For more info go to Offical Rush Site.


I'm going to see them in Toronto in September and I cannot wait! From what I've heard Rush live is an amazing experience. Plus with no opening band I should get a Rush show.

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So I saw Rush last night in the PHX and they were way awesome! They played just over 3 hours. Rumor is this is possibly their final major tour, and if it is, I am so glad to have seen them. They pla

I've got my tickets to see them July 27th! They may be nose bleeds, but at least I'll be there!

K, spent a long while with the box set now. I got the first four albums when they were released but some short notes on all on the seven:   Presto: Possibly the weakest Rush album. Thought so then, th

this is sort of wierd, because just today i was thinking about how i needed to start a rush thread! B)


i already started a thread relating to the new album, at least one aspect of it (feel free to reply to it, i'm curious what another rush fan thinks). i am incredibly excited about the new album. on the other hand, i'm incredibly sad about the tour, because i can't afford to go! :( money is just too tight right now (and the fact that the $50 ticket becomes a $70 ticket after all the fees ticketmaster and the venue charge really didn't help! :angry:


i do have the new album cover up as my wallpaper, though, and i listened to "far cry" online a few times the other day. sounds good. i read a few reviews the other day that were varying degrees of favorable. one, though, struck me as odd when it said something like the new cd is "thankfully heavier than the last album". personally, i was actually a little surprised at how heavy parts of vapor trails were the first time i listened to it. :shrug:


if this is your first rush show, you're in for a treat! the reason i'm so depressed about not being able to go is that i know just how great they are live! i've been a rush fan for about 25 years (or almost 3/4 of my life), but for many, many years i just couldn't afford to see them. finally, i was able to see them on the vapor trails and the 30th anniversary tour. both shows were amazing - you will not be disappointed!


they sound great, the light show & effects are top notch, and they give it there all. like you said, three hours of the band you came to see - you can't ask for too much more than that. the rush in rio and the R30 dvd's give you a good taste of what you have to look forward to. in fact, since i'm pretty bummed about missing them this tour, i've spent the past week watching all five of the concerts i have on dvd (those two, plus the three that are on replayx3). i also put about 7 1/2 hours of live rush (with no song repeated!) on my MP3 player and have been listening to it when i'm not watching the dvd's.


so, yeah - i guess i have rush on the brain. :blush:

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You're a total RUSH NUT. :thumbsup:


Yea, so update. I got 3 tickets to the show in London, Ontario instead of TO for a few reasons. Smaller arena and much cheaper. Most expensive London was $90 with all the fees. $130 in TO with all the fees. I was super pissed tho because I was trying to get seats via the ticketmaster pre-sale and I had Center Floor ROW C! I started to freak out, I continued in the steps the buy the seats. Well when I tried to checkout I got an error. I was so ****ing mad! Well I ended up with 114 row 10.


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damn, that sucks! i was misinformed about when the tickets were going to be available and when i went online to buy one, they had already been on sale for two days! by that point, there wasn't much of a selection left. it's an outdoor show here and for $70 i would have been all the way in the back, almost to the lawn seats. lawn seats would be a little cheaper, but not worth it, either.


see, for some reason, you canadians (or at least rush's management) apparently don't understand that AZ really, really sucks in july. yet, this is the third tour in a row when they came in july. even at night - especially with all the thousands of bodies so close together - it will be well over 100 degrees. my wife actually went with me to the last two shows, but vowed never to go again with me unless they play inside (or at a decent time of year).


if you're lucky, you can get a seat closer to the stage, where there are some giant fans. obviously, those go fast. i'm willing to suffer through in a seat even without a fan, which is what i had to do both times i've seen them. but to secure a spot on the lawn that's close enough to kind of see the band would mean getting there an hour or two early (when it'll probably be 110-115 degrees still) and then waiting that extra time in the heat before the three hour show even starts. so, you'd still be paying like $50 to sit in 100+ heat for five hours without being able to go buy a drink or go to the bathroom (don't want to lose that spot on the grass!). *sigh* i really love rush, but even for me there are limits! :no:

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snakes and arrows came out today! listening to it now, with two songs left. very cool, overall. a song or two that didn't blow me away, but will probably grow on me. a few very strong ones easily make up for it, too. nice variety of sounds. surprised by the amount of acoustic guitar (though, rarely is it "quiet" acoustic guitar. as an instrumental lover, i was greatly surprised to find three new ones here. nothing that matches YYZ or la villa strangiato, but those are pretty high standards to meet. overall...:thumbsup:

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I like it, too. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I'm not a huge Rush connissuer, considering that I've only heard Moving Pictures and The Spirit of Radio, but this CD is a good, solid listen.


Tracks 6 and 12: The Main Monkey Business and Malignant Narcissism, are REALLY fun to play drums along to.



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hey, i can play the drums perfectly on the third instrumental, hope! :p


so, apparently not everyone thinks like us (big surprise). i was just looking at some "comments" on the album at amazon.com (which is basically a bunch of rush fans arguing about how the new album is really good or really sucks). it surprises me just how strongly some people dislike it. i can see it not being someone's favourite rush album, but i think it's a pretty strong cd. anywho, here are the best two posts from this discussoin - the first by a S&A hater, the reply by a defender...


I more convinced than ever that Rush could line up, fart in unison, and the majority of Rush fans would call it a masterpiece.


I'm a longtime Rush fan, and I know that the joke is on me. But, IMHO, Rush farting in unison WOULD be a masterpiece. They'd think up some great polyrhythmic pipples and purts, and I guarantee that Geddy's would come out screaming in the upper registers.




btw, love the new title, R5!

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I'm looking forward to hearing the album in its entirety. I went to the Vapor Trails show and loved it. I've been a big Rush fan almost as long as Lohr has, and am bummed that we can't afford to make this next show.

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i agree. which is why i'm not sure about this...




i just came across it and from the samples i have mixed feelings. i'm not sure about the later periods, but the late '70's - early '80's stuff (the more "epic" music) sounds very cool! i'd love to hear this, as well as some of the other cd's mentioned in the product description.


has anyone heard any of these? :confused:

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My show was lat night...What an experience! They kicked the entire arenas ass for a good 3 hours. The only low point was 5 songs in a row from S&A, don't get me wrong S&A is an awesome album but I think everyone has ready for a classic. Then came Subdivisions, one of my all time favs! This band does some amazing stuff with visualizations, they had three huge screens behind the stage and played some really psychedelic stuff to go with the songs. The background for Larger Bowl was awesome. And of course they went all out with the lasers and pyro.


Neils Drum Solo was probably the highlight of the night. During One Little Victory they had the Dragon character flying around on the screens and he blew a ball of fire and on the stage a blast of fire shot up, as if it were the dragon itself doing it.


I can't wait until the next tour!



Here is the setlist:



Digital Man

Entre Nous



The Main Monkey Business

The Larger Bowl (with McKenzie Brothers intro)

Secret Touch


Between The Wheels


(-Intermission-/video intro)

Far Cry

Workin’ Them Angels

Armor And Sword


The Way The Wind Blows


Natural Science

Witch Hunt

Malignant Narcissism

Drum Solo


Summertime Blues

The Spirit of Radio

Tom Sawyer (with South Park intro)


One Little Victory

A Passage to Bangkok


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Sounds like a great show! Glad you had fun and trust me, I wish I was there! I was pretty bummed last month when they were here and I couldn't go. They certainly could've broken up the new songs a bit, but they picked some real strong ones to play. Armor and Sword was an immediate fav of mine when I first heard the new album, where as Workin’ Them Angels didn't really strike me at first. Before long though, I couldn't get it out of my head! And I knew Hope would be perfect for the post-drum solo "let Neil catch his breath" segment.


And I've seen the dragon setting the stage on fire, too. It's certainly one of the best effects I've seen. I can't wait for a CD/DVD that will help make up for what I missed this time around. :thumbsup:

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Here are some pics:








I personally would have dropped like 4 of the 9 new songs aand put in


Thr Trees


2112 Overture

Time Stands Still



Looks like they got sick of some of their "classics" though. They did play a greatest hits setlist last tour. This is the first tour in a long time they haven't played Closer to the Heart.

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Well dpeneding on where you live, ypou may be able to see them this summer because they have announced on theur offical site that they are extending their tour into 2008! I got a list of venues with no official dates as of yet off rushisaband.com.

Just last week Rush officially announced the 2008 extension of the Snakes & Arrows tour. They confirmed that they'd kick off the tour this Spring in Puerto Rico and teased us a little by revealing a few of the cities the tour would cover. I was hoping that I'd get some advance information on more cities/venues and specific dates before year's end. Well... I haven't managed to get any specific dates yet but I did get my hands on a complete list of the venues the band plans on hitting. The list is not in any particular order as the exact dates and routes are still being determined. Venues that are still pending a final decision are indicated with an asterisk (*), while all the other venues are essentially confirmed. The band is also leaving the option open for a second show in Puerto Rico if needed. Again - the list is not in order (except for the Puerto Rico show). Neil Peart drum roll...


Coliseo De Puerto Rico - San Juan, PR (April 11, 2 nights possibly)

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena - Jacksonville, FL

Amway Arena - Orlando, Florida

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA

Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA

Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY (July 14)

PNC Arts Center - Homdel, NJ

Oracle Arena - Oakland, CA

New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA

* Gwinnett Arena - Duluth, GA

Giant Center - Hershey, PA

Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City, NJ (July 4th)

Scottrade Center - St.Louis, MO

Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH

* Jobing.com Arena - Glendale, AZ

Ford Center - Oklahoma, OK

John Paul Jones Arena - Charlottesville, VA

Molson Amphitheater - Toronto, ON

Credit Union Centre - Saskatoon, SK

* Carlson Center - Fairbanks, Alaska

Sears Centre - Hoffman Estates/Chicago, IL

Civic Center - Portland, ME

Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, MI

Tingley Coliseum - Albuquerque, NM

Frank Erwin Center - Austin, TX

* Everett Events Center - Seattle, WA

* U.S. Cellular Arena - Milwaukee, WI

* Toyota Center - Houston, TX

Verizon Wireless Pavilion - Charlotte, NC

* Monterrey Arena - Monterrey, MEX

New England Dodge Music Center - Hartford, CT

* Fed Ex Forum - Memphis, TN

Estadio do Maracana - Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL

Estadio do Morumbi - Sao Paulo , BRAZIL

Castelao - Fortaleza, BRAZIL

Estadio Beira-Rio - Porto Alegre, BRAZIL

Estadio de Nacional Chile - Santiago, Chile (May 1)

El Monumental - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estadio de Nacional Peru - Lima, Peru (May 4)

MTS Centre - Winnipeg, MB

Halifax Metro Centre - Halifax, NS

Harbour Station - St.John, New Brunswick

Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, Colorado

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada

TD Banknorth Garden - Boston, MA (July)

Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester, NH (July)

The Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA

SPAC - Saratoga Springs, NY (June 30)


So there you have it; forty-eight cities. Now we just need some dates... and the setlist! w00t!


Hopefully I can go see them in Toronto at the Molson Amphitheater.

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