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Sports Over/Under Game

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Yeah...I was thinking the NL hasn't won a World Series game since the Marlins won it all in 2003.


I will say over for Tiger Woods.


Number of no-hitters thrown this year in MLB (I don't think there has been one yet this year) - 1.

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It did come to mind that there are no no-no's this year when you mentioned it.


I say under for Barry - I don't think he will even make it to Hank Aaron's total.


Griffey Jr's career HR total - O/U 650 (He has 554 right now)

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Let's see ... Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, maybe Bernie Williams, and Joe Torre (if you're counting managers too).


I'll say Bernie Williams won't make it, so that would be under.


Number of people to go in as a Brave in the Hall of Fame from their 1991-current run. - 5

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Let's see: Smoltz, Maddux (he'll go in as a Cub - had two stints with them and only one with Atlanta ;)), Glavine (he'll go in as a Met. To thank him, a New York taxi will escort him to the ceremony. He'll show up with four front teeth missing) ... the Jones' ... I'll go under depending on if criteria is altered in the future, and they might (should) be ...


(Yes, I counted managers and such non-current-players too)


Over/Under Ken Griffey Jr.s career home run total at 700.

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What about Bobby Cox? I've also heard a few cases for Leo Mazzone too.


I will say under for Junior. I think he may get to somewhere around 650, but I think he only has a few years left (plus if he gets injured again, that will make 700 near impossible).


Marlins payroll for next year - $20 million

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I considered [the] Cox.




Listen to what I heard a few weeks back - the Marlins payroll was about $14 million this year. Did you know that they got $30 million to start this season for revenue sharing alone. Screw these so-called unable-to-pay market teams.


Yankees official minimum payroll before 2010 at $175 million ...

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That's a good one, I'll go under.


Speaking of something similar, there's an Angel, I forget which one, that's reached base safely in 65+ straight games methinx.


My total career post count with this username O/U 88000.

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My total career post count with this username O/U 88000.


:lol: I guess that's really up to you....but I will say over. I think you will go for 100 G's. Unless you decide to stop at 88 for some reason...


If my calculations are correct, when Primbud's post count hits 88 G's, you're gonna see some serious sh*t. :D


O/U - Palpebon's ERA this season - 1.00

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Over. I can't trust any so-called superclosers unless I see them in action for a long time. The Trevor Hoffmans and Mariano Riveras are few and fare between but the Brad Lidges are not.


Ben Wallace career blocks O/U 3100.

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I had to do some research for this one. Here are the top earners for each team: so please note that a team can have earners higher than some listed here. Figures are in millions, rounded down.


Jeff Bagwell 19 Houston

Luis Gonzalez 10 Arizona

Mike Hampton 14 :no: Atlanta

Miguel Tejada 11

Manny Ramirez 18 I found out David Ortiz is at 6 So with that logic, if Ortiz hits 50 homers and drives in 150, Manny should hit 150 adn drive in 450!

Kerry Wood 12

Jim Thome 14 for the World Champs ChiSox

Eric Milton 9 making slightly more than Ken Griffey Jr.

CC Sabathia 7 Taking a look at the rundown of roster salaries, I think Cleveland is one of the best - perhaps I'm being unfair - Cleveland was my preseason pick to win it all.

Todd Helton 16 he takes up nearly half the Rockies team salary!

Magglio Ordonez 16

Dontrelle Willis 4 Other than him, the only other Marlin making over a million is Brian Moehler

Mike Sweeney 11

Bartolo Colon 14

JD Drew 11 Dodgers

Ben Sheets 9

Pedro Martinez 14

Torii Hunter 10

A-Rod 25 Yanks have 10 guys making over 10 mill

Jason Kendall 11 A's

Bobby Abreu 13

Sean Casey 8 Pittsburgh

Chan Ho Park 15 Pads

Barroid 20

Richie Sexson 13 Seattle

Albert Pujols 14

Aubrey Huff 6 D-Rays

Kevin Millwood 7 Texas

Roy Halladay 12 I think Toronto has used their salary money well too

Alfonso Soriano 10 Washington


So for you O/U I'll go with the Under.


Total # of Major Leaguers getting an average annual salary of 20 mil at 9

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