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Sports Over/Under Game

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Jeter has 2721 hits right now ... and is 35 years old. I thought he could possibly make 3500 if he played 5-6 more years (assuming he wants to play that long and does not get injured -- but I don't think he has a long history of getting injured).


Number of postseason games won by the Dodgers - 6.5

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Over, sure, why not? Torre and Manny'll get 'em goin' ...


The only major injury I recall Jeter having was when he got hurt sliding head-first into third base in Toronto - I think that was 2003.


Fans are pondering a possible move from shortstop in a couple of years.


How did they take it when "Larry" left third base??

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It was actually more weird for me to see the few times Chipper played SS than when he was in the outfield. He did it as a move to help the team to make room for Mighty Mouse at 3B. So, I guess in that respect, it was something that the fans appreciated.


Where would Jeter move to if he doesn't play SS?


BTW....you didn't post another O/U.

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