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Sports Over/Under Game

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Double oops... I'm out of it. Wow.


My answer still stands because the Mets have been known to choke leads lately...


As for the Pro Bowl, the original question was for last years pro bowl, so I for whatever silly reason I figured he was answering for that :lol:


Lakers maintain number 1 seed without Bynum, over being yes.

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Records update :




Two of my favorite O/Us as I was looking back....


Starting at post #135 (Primbud missed the year, but he got the correct team :D)...

Years before one of Browns, Lions, Texans, Jaguars, Saints, or Cardinals makes it to a Superbowl - 8


Under - Cards do it this year, topping Seattle in the NFC title game. :p


Starting at post #459 (dated November 2007 - the very next year the Rays make it to the WS)...

How about Tampa Bay Rays making the World Series - 25 years


I'm inclined to say under, just because unless you're cursed you make it to the world series more often than that!
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I'll say under... I think it will come down to Boston and Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals again, though I could easily be wrong.


I'm trying to creatively ask a question about the scoring champ for the NBA... Wade, James, and LeBron are all within a point/game of each other. Who'll be the scoring champ, I guess?


Over- Wade

Under- LeBron

Push- Kobe


If its anyone else... congrats to them lol

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I'll go over. Miami at times loses their defensive mentality and Wade almost has no choice but to hoist and score for them. James' minutes are down from like 41 to 35 this year I think I heard so he's not being pushed as much - however, down the stretch, he might try and light it up. Bryant's scoring down to 17 a game for a stretch and success for the Lakers in the stretch means he won't win the scoring title - however, with Bynum out again, who knows - I'll still say your over, for Wade.


# of years from now Kurt Warner has 3000 yards passing @ 3.

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Over, with those receivers, I don't think they'll slump that badly if at all. In fact, if healthy and/or with the addition of a key defensive player, they might make the playoffs again.


Mets leader in saves this upcoming season @ 44.

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Haha, you had to go there. Under.


It had to be asked. :D


Isn't K-Rod expected to split closing duties??


He is splitting closing duties with Wagner? I don't know...I really don't care about the Mets. :D


Braves leading games winner # 15.


Over...I'll say Derek Lowe is the one to do it.


Number of years until Albert Pujols completes a season without 30 HR and 100 RBI - 3

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The Mets are a team I despise. They're a second-class team, a second-class organization, second in the city and have second-class fans - you heard me - I've said it and will say it to their face.


I'll go under for Pujols not discounting the injury bug.


John Smoltz wins this year @ 7. Isn't he starting in the minors?

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Oh, over. Why would you think under? Overachieved?


# of days until Manny Ramirez tags along with a team @ 9.


I would like to see the Rays compete again...but I think maybe the pressure of now being defending AL champions might get to a young team. The Yankees and Red Sox will now be gunning for them. It is a tough division.


I say over for Manny Ramirez. I think he is enjoying the drama.


Home Runs for Andruw Jones in the 2009 regular season - 5

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