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Sports Over/Under Game

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If there is no way to check that triple-double (I was only estimating) total easily enough, I say it becomes part of the clue crew's matter to work with for the next [dramatic pause] Sports Jeopardy.


Coin toss of this SuperBowl: heads is over, head or tail?

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INT leader next NFL year @ 10.


Over...there is always someone who throws more than 10. :p


EDIT : If you meant the qualified QB who throws the least interceptions, then I will say under.


Passing TD leader next year - 42


BTW...since it is the end of football season (college and pro), I have updated the stats on my blog.


Since the Super Bowl has completed, I thought it was interesting reflecting back on this O/U.


I finally got a football one.


You've gotten more than just one football one....7 by my count.

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