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The Wrestling "OR" Game!

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Chris Oakley:

Career direction for Edge: stay in singles competition or go back to the tag team division?

Stay single for sure, going back to tag now would be (intentional or not) an admission of failure in the singles department.




Most underutilized w/ more left to give: Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit?

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Benoit, because he had a World Title Reign as a face which worked real good for me. But he needs a World Title Reign as a heel, because let's face it, he's a better heel.


ECW Wrestler Who would have had a better chance of making it in the WWE?


Sandman OR Sabu?

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Sandman, he's not as hardcore IMO.


Favourite Current Tag Team on the WWE roster:


The SuperHeros

The Hearthrobs


Heidenreich & Animal

The Mexicools

or any others i didnt mention

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Shane. He seems to have the better business sense.

To answer your questions, Delorean:I chose the Cabinet because it was a large group that managed to stay consistently unified over a long time,whereas Evolution was plagued by internal dissensionfor much of its run and the Superheroes belong more to the duo category because they've been a two-person act until very recently.

As for your other or,for that one I chose the Superheroes over the other tag teams you mentioned because I can't stand MNM,the Heartthrobs are slowly descending to "Jobber" status,and I haven't seen Animal and Heidenreich in action long enough to make an informed decision one way or the other.


And now, my or:

Best overall "Face" wrestler of the 70's:Bob Backlund,Vern Gagne,Dusty Rhodes,or Bruno Sammartino?

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