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The Shadow

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On the above - they've just changed the homepage for Dr Who on BBC, picking up all the Big Brother elements! Just click on the "Bad Wolf TV" picture in the top right of the page to access the details of where this has appeared in the rest of the series.


The disclaimer on the website is funny:

Please don't email us to ask what Bad Wolf means. We honestly don't know.


If you're concerned by the thought that the universe has been irrevocably altered by an enormous experiment in neuro-linguistic programming, then just tell yourself "The Bad Wolf is not real. The Bad Wolf is not real. The Bad Wolf is not real."

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Click on the Bad Wolf icon on the right of the page to get you to the theories bit and listen


What is that noise? What is somebody saying?


Fear Factor of 3 this episode, get your cushions ready!!


You can watch the trailer for the next episode here


EDIT: Bison does not work to get into UNIT


Scroll to the bottom of the Dr Who page and click on UNIT to go to the website

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Hi all


I have just watched the latest episode Bad Wolf Part 1. And it was pretty good. :cool:


The game shows were used quite nicely, although it is stretching the imagination to believe they will still be around in the future! I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who would be disintegrated next!



*** Spoilers! ***



Little tricks and deceits are used to scare the viewers, then the 'secrets' are brought into the open - only to be replaced with an even greater threat!


Once again a character makes a sacrifice that has a big effect on the story. It's clever how characters appear to be one thing and then are revealed as another.


The Daleks are back! Wow! That fleet was a great effect, one of the series' best. Half a million floating Daleks inside their huge ships!


Once again the series has come up with a story of really big scope. All the hints from previous episodes dovetailed together nicely.


I reckon that the voice we hear in the trailer at the end could be the 'Bad Wolf'- but that's only my idea. angel


We should get to see some good human on Dalek battles on the spacestation. That gun Captain Jack stole should come in handy at last.


I still have difficulty imagining how the Doctor will save the day - though I'm sure he'llthink of something terribly clever.





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I just kept cracking up when they were in the BB house it was great.





Killing off Rose now wouldn't of been a good idea and I'm glad they didn't. She was the essential lynchpin that the Daleks had on the Doctor, shown in Episode 6.


The way that the Controller was made a victim and instead, as i thought at the beggining, the Bad Wolf. It could be Bad Wolf speaking at the end Gandalf, but I think its true identity will be revealed. Just notice that they are in the TARDIS when it is revealed....


The way the Daleks say Ex-ter-MIN-ATE! is great, with it building up to a hatred chreshindo at the end.


The Anne-droid was scary, the guy who was in it could hardly move.


I have a theory. The Daleks used matter-transference to teleport all the humans to their fleets and then...turned them into Daleks. OR used their DNA to power up all the Daleks. But then thats just a theory.




We know that Billie isn't doing the second series, so will this make Lynda the new assistant?



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Rose is in series 2, but it is not known how many episodes whe is in. Which I think is a good idea not to reveal so you never know if she is about to leave!



I liked Lynda in Bad Wolf, but I fear she has been introduced as a good, nice character that is going to get zapped by a Dalek - that's just my guess though. I would prefer her to carry on in the Tardis, as I would for Captain Jack to as well. He is a top character.




I was worried that the game show element of the programme would be cringe-worthy, but as it was played for laughs, it was really entertaining.



Great Cliffhanger;

Great speech by the Doctor at the end "Rose, I'm coming to get you!";

Top line by Captain Jack on producing a gun "You don't want to know where I got that from!";

and an awesome trailer for the final episode. Loved the scenes of missiles flying around and the Tardis hurtling through Space!! It's going to be a cracking ending.

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Check the link below out - they are warning people to avoid the Internet from Wednesday onwards due to their being a press screening on Wednesday!!! They want to keep the surprises and twists as hush hush as poss!



I like that they have done a few endings and stuff - as the song goes, "I just can't wait for Saturday!!"

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Definitely! Only read this thread up to the episode you are on - that's what I do when I am watching programmes like 24 which you guys are always well ahead of us on.


Saw the Monday trailer last night - it replayed the scene with the Leader of the Daleks and the Daleks going "You will offer praise to him!" or something along those lines.


It was set in a corridor on the Dalek Ship like where we saw Rose being held at the end of Bad Wolf. The Tardis was behind him in the corner.


Who is it? Davros springs to mind, but the Doctor seems to be looking up to where the voice is coming from. Hmm.

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Plus it confirms Billie is going to appear in the whole of the second series which good!!


The trailer last night was awesome! Only 10 seconds, but it starts with a Dalek going "Tardis on approach! Exterminate!!!" then cuts to a missile being fired at a spinning Tardis!! Satuday is going to be class!!

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