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That, and pretty much this:

The 'new chick' had already been set up.   Lot's of pretty spot on fan theories regarding how Clara is a meta-textual analogy for the show itself. She's born on Nov 23, the show's original air date. S

That reads like HuffPo had an embargoed interview they ran early. Somebody's getting fired.

Posted Images

We got new teaser trailers today. 15 second teaser trailers aired on the four different BBc channels at one time.C

In each region of the country one of the channels carried a slightly different trailer to the other three.


HERE is a link to the normal trailer






and here is a screenshot from the 'alternative' trailer




Those bastards at the BBC got me thining I was seeing things at first

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Yeah certainly not an Ood. Quite possibly a silent. A major rumour going round was that the voice from last season was saying 'Silents will fall' but the new trailer seems to discredit that by spelling out 'Silence will fall'.


I think that these aliens have been infiltrating the worlds government etc for years and are 'hiding in plain sight' (like a fobwatched Doctor appears to the rest of the world). Now their illusions will be lifted and the true nature of who they are will be revealed. Their 'Silence will fall'.


Four weeks to go!! XD

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I'm really excited for this series/season.


At Wonder-Con's panel yesterday, they showed 9 minutes of Gaiman's episode.


Amy: "What were those voices, Doctor?"

The Doctor: "Time Lords."



Gaiman explained that his ("The Doctor's Wife") was originally set for last season but was replaced by "The Lodger" because they ran out of money. (Which may be why it kinda felt like a throwaway ep.) He didn't regret having to re-write the episode because it allowed him to write for Rory.

On leaving The Doctor alone

Rory: "He's a Time Lord."

Amy: "That's just what they're called. It doesn't mean he knows what he's doing!"



They showed an extended trailer for series/season 6. The "Greys" aren't typical depictions. There's a kind-of-wrinkly/decayed look to them. In the Q&A, one sharp observer asked why there was a glimpse of the "coral" control room. They then went on to talk about bringing the set back but no detail of the story surrounding it.

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Arrrrgh. I really want more information but I don't want to be spoiled.


Gaiman's ep looks awesome.


Also The Lodger is going to be more important than we thought last season.



A few glimpses of the 'Lodger TARDIS' in trailers plus Corden is returning in tthr second half of the season


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I noticed that, too, in the trailer. I want to re-watch that episode and try to figure out its possible significance.


Gaiman also hinted at "seeing an old friend in a new face."


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Yeah I think that will be whoever Idris is supposed to be. Or maybe whoever Michael Sheen is lending his voice to!


Some massive spoilery/teasery tweets coming out over the past few days from Moffat and Doctor Who magazine. Most of them probably aren't true and just put there to stir us up! Damn Moffat!


Edit: Oooo I'll watch that in a minute

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