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Didn’t want to post cause we were so far behind, but the kid and I finished up the finale just now.

It bums me to say it, but I thought Flux was awful. I was already annoyed with Chibnal for the Timeless Child concept. It’s like he was so excited to get control of Dr Who that he could not resist redefining the mythology. I get that every show runner since the show has come back has done it to an extent, but it’s gotten a little ridiculous and is honestly confusing as hell.

All Flux did was double down on everything. This series just threw literally everything it could at us all at once. It seemed like the priority was given to just creating wild moments over actual story telling and character work. At the end of the day I was confused by everything, and could barely follow the spastic edits and jumping around.

I really like Jody Whittaker as the The Doctor but she has been so let down by the material. Her first season was decent, as they just told fun scifi stories and didn’t try to reinvent everything. I’m definitely ready for Chibnal to go. This series was even worse than Smith’s last.

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Yep, have to agree there. I hated the Timeless Child elements from the previous series, and was hoping there was enough there to prove it wrong (The Master lying for starters).
But no, episode 5 had the confirmation chat. There were some good elements in Flux like the angels, but all undermined by good cliffhangers being so easily resolved. Those were particularly poor in comparison to the original 20th century Who where cliffhangers were required for all stories.

So many plot inconsistencies as well and for what was originally aimed at kids, blimey it would be hard to follow for a lot I would say.

Just 3 “specials” to go and then we have our new show runner and Doctor to take us forward hopefully.

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I finished it last night and was underwhelmed. The series was all over the place by design, certainly, but it was all over the place in execution of that as well. Overall the idea of unknown lives and unknown memories feels like it should add to the character, but it isn’t.

I really miss more episodic Who. Just give me monster of the week with neat twists and ridiculous designs.

Nine’s season is still the best overall experience imo.

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Maybe the season was meant to be the usual 12 and Covid mean cutting to 6 and packing it all in?

I don’t know. Classic Who sometimes did series long arcs, but yeah, episodic with a runner mythology (like bad wolf in s9) is the way to go.

There’s 4 types of Dr Who stories:

1. Monster stories

2. Timey-wimey high jinx tales

3. Sci-fi technology gone wrong tales 

4. Mucking about the mythology and the Doctor’s life stories.

Generally when they try to do more than one at a time it turns to a mess.

That said, when they can do all four well they make for the best episodes. I think my favorite episode does that. Silence In The Library / Forest of the Dead manages it very well.

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Series 11 & 12 have comprised of 10 stories each, plus a New Years special.

I imagine they would have followed suit with this format for 13, but Covid meant they had to reduce to 8 episodes - this was the announcement we had originally. Longer to shoot with the restrictions leaving not sufficient time for all the effects apparently.

Then at the launch for the series in the autumn just gone, it was announced it was down to 6 episodes for series 13 which we found odd.

But then shortly after they revealed Jodie & Chris were leaving, and that the 7th & 8th episodes would for part of 3 specials in 2022 for her exit along with a bonus 9th story to celebrate the BBC’s 100th anniversary. All 3 were completed before Flux started, so it’s in the can as they say!

So yes, maybe knowing all this at the outset, opted for a series theme, but it rarely works. Trial of a Timelord is another example (Colin Bakers 6th Doctor), but the Key to Time (Tom Bakers 4th Doctor) worked much better as they were generally standard stories with the hunt for 6 parts of the Key tacked on. Didn’t feel like it dragged.

Anyway, that’s enough ramble from me! I just hope we can get back to having some good fun! Agree with Zambingo that series 9 is my favourite since the show came back.

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Yep, we have a special at springtime (presumably Easter, but for some reason they have to say spring for now), and then the final special is later in the year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the BBC. We think somewhere between September to November, but just guess work at the mo. Both specials completed, including the regeneration, just needs the 14th Doctor (when cast) to be filmed doing “their” bit.

I liked the new year special also - lot if fun and I’m a big fan of Aisling Bea, so that was good to see her involved.

A few plot issues (how could they do all that set up in the final minute?) but hey - it was a nice new year treat.

Sea devils back for the spring special - be interesting to see them again after so long! Think it was a Peter Davison story we last saw them in!

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2 hours ago, Spider-Man said:

I had hoped for more 13, but bring on 14.

I know what you mean. The writing has not been the best for her in my opinion so it would have been nice to see her stay on for a season or two with RTD.

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Lots of fun being had by RTD in terms of promotion seeing them filming over the last month or so. Won’t spoil anything, but you can Google search it if you want! Can’t wait!


For those of us who have been fans for yonks, the team are back with their great podcast series on the notorious  missing episodes, with part 2 of their look into the epic 1st Doctor story The Dalek Master Plan. Really good series of videos I’d highly recommend. Very knowledgeable chaps.

Link to their site is here:


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Very good final episode! I have not been a fan of the writing from Chibnall, but he ended on a high (lots of fan service which personally I loved, but appreciate it might not be for everyone not born in the ‘70’s!), and Jodie got a very nice send off.

Just got to wait to November 2023 now for the the next episodes!!! Too many big gaps!!

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I wish I hadn’t clicked that and been spoiled. Knew a new Doctor was coming but didn’t know THAT was coming.

But overall agree with you— I feel like both Whittaker and Capaldi were great Doctors that never quite got the best material. 

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Unknown - whilst it happened between Hartnell and Troughton as well, that was more practical “getting on with the story” as it was the first time.

Personally I think it’s to do with the villain of the 60th anniversary specials (Neil Patrick Harris is playing that), who has allowed this to happen (when in reality it’s not to lumber Ncuti (great seeing him in the trailer!) with coming in fresh to the role and handling the 60th all in one go). 
So potentially at the end of those 3, he changes back into the old clothes? Who knows really.

If it helps, the ending wasn’t a surprise here in the UK as it was all over the news a few months back that he was involved. The publicity department released loads of photos of the shooting taking place for next years 3 specials.

In other news this week, the BBC has agreed a deal with Disney + to air the show outside of the UK & Ireland, so hopefully that will bring in a bit of cash to make more episodes!


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One month today we have the first of the 3 specials to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the show! 
Saturday 25th Nov - The Star Beast

Saturday 2nd Dec - Wild Blue Yonder

Saturday 9th Dec - The Giggle


After this, the new season (14 of “NuWho”) is airing with an Xmas special followed by 8 episodes in early part of 2024, and they have started filming the season 15 this week, so good news we won’t have such long breaks as we have had over the last few years!

Trailer for the specials is here:


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First of the 3 specials for the 60th anniversary aired last night! Great fun - so good to have Tennant & Tate back and clearly having so much fun! It highlights how poor it has been in recent years. Shiney new TARDIS interior as well!

Clever plot to address historical issues with how we left Donna. This one was a classic Who story to kick things off and next weeks is supposedly a much darker story - hardly any clips have been shared, the trailers have all been on the first and third episodes.

We also had a 5 min special a week or so ago as part of the charity Children in Need. You can grab that off YouTube if you fancy - just search Doctor Who Children in Need.

The specials are all dropping weekly on Disney+ for those outside the UK!

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