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Well it's been a minute....


Jodie's first season was a big meh for me. As I said before, even being SUPER woke, I thought it was preachy and pedantic.


Second season though has been great, possibly one of my fav seasons of the show.

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That, and pretty much this:

The 'new chick' had already been set up.   Lot's of pretty spot on fan theories regarding how Clara is a meta-textual analogy for the show itself. She's born on Nov 23, the show's original air date. S

From what I've read, the 12th can be a bit brash, and often curt and standoffish, just like the 6th, but not in an overbearing and obnoxious way as 6 was, and it seems like he's aware of that fact and

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Agreed - her first season was not great, had some good moments - the opening story (always love a post regeneration story!), followed by the next 2 (The Ghost Monument and Rosa) being my highlights, but it then went downhill rapidly.


This second season again had preachy moments (the 3rd episode "Orphan 55" is up there as being one of the worst I have seen from old and new Who), but then almost immediately back on course with the superb "Fugitive of the Judoon" and it's brilliant twists! Jaw was on the floor at various points!


The finale was great - being a fan of the show since late 70's, I wasn't sure I would like the retconning of things, but it was handled really well I thought, and more to come on this in the next season such as sorting out what the hell is going on with Gallifrey and the "creations" of The Master which I hope will some how end up being reset. And on that point, the actor taking on the role of The Master was brilliant as well - chewing up the scenery! Good stuff!


Not sure if you guys will have seen, but 2 of the companions (Graham & Ryan) will be departing in the already filmed special that comes either on Xmas or New Year. Good idea I think as 3 companions is too many in this format of the show.


Next season was due to start filming in the autumn of this year, but not sure if it will be delayed with what is going on in the world.

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The new Master is great even if it negates Missy's turning point. There's a theory I love that he's actually between Simm's master and Missy. It worked for his first appearance, but maybe not as well given what he knows in the finale.


We have another Doctor as well whose time position is vague. Some say future, some say she's one of the now apparently forgotten regenerations. Not sure if it's true, but there's also a theory she's between Troughten and Pertwee, which is fun.


The timeline actually being changeable beyond fixed events actually has precedent. Both Smith and Capaldi made offhand comments about Tennant era alien invasions, like the time the Daleks straight up moved Earth, and I think it was Clara and Bill respectively who had no idea what he was talking about.

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Agreed - an earlier version of the Master I think and Missy being the final version based on how that storyline went.


That's right - "series 6b" was invented after a few inconsistencies with a Colin Baker story called The Two Doctors. In that one, Troughton's Doctor is on a mission for the Timelords, but in his original stories he was always on the run from the Timelords in his stolen TARDIS. So this was invented to slot inbetween his final story The War Games, and Pertwee's opener. This could account for "Doctor Ruth" by her being a previously unknown regeneration in that time frame before she was recaptured and forcibly regenerated into Pertwee. Link below with more info:




As it stands, it doesn't make sense for her to be pre-Hartnell Dcotor as she has her Police Box Tardis which wasn't stuck in that shape until after the Doctor stole it from Gallifrey and went on the run with Susan. But that's not to say the writers won't come up with a creative way for it to be something else.


Good character development and generates good chat! :yes:

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Christmas Day special (or New Year’s Day -  not confirmed yet) will be featuring Captain Jack, so that will be great fun!


Fortunately it was filmed at the end of the Series 12 production, so pre-covid.

They have started filming Series 13 with a view to air next autumn. Down to 8 episodes though which is a shame (due to the delayed start of filming), but at least we are getting new ones!

With the current turnaround times, you would think Series 14 would coincide with the 60th anniversary - a massive milestone!

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