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Just like your mom

This is the thread that doesn't end Yes, it goes on and on, my friend Some people started posting in it not knowing what it was And they'll continue posting in it forever just because This is the thre

I like how we all tried to "out-tard" one another in the way we typed the line you mentioned.   My favorite post, however, was by the guy who rewrote it as an actual thought-provoking essay.

I figured I'd try something different; I'm going to answer the original question:


Ahem. The reason the stormtrooper said "CLOZE BASTDOORZ" and then later on said "OWEPIN BASTDOORZ" is because Han and Chewbacca were approaching the "BASTDOORZ" and the troopers thought they could cut them off by closing the "BASTDOORZ". However, Han and Chewie had jumped through the "BASTDOORZ" as they were closing, but the troopers did not make it through. Thusly, they had to "OWEPIN BASTDOORZ" again in order to get through, in hopes of catching the intruders.


HOAP DAT HELLPZ LOL WIE EYE DOO DAT!!!!1!111!11111oneoneone

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