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Just like your mom

This is the thread that doesn't end Yes, it goes on and on, my friend Some people started posting in it not knowing what it was And they'll continue posting in it forever just because This is the thre

I like how we all tried to "out-tard" one another in the way we typed the line you mentioned.   My favorite post, however, was by the guy who rewrote it as an actual thought-provoking essay.

I just want to get it out of the way, that IS NOT me.



Funny nonetheless.


If SLS happens to be truly "special" as far as commom sense is concerned, than I take back all of my sarcastic comments towards him/her.



However, his profile reads as being a sane and literate person (foreigner possibly?!?), so there is no way to read his/her posts without thinking this is simply the stupidest person alive.

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Sith Lord Skywalker, (and all of your aliases) I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that you are a world-class retard. Will someone please IP-ban him?


I guess you figure you lost all of your dignity when all of your idiotic theories were shot down in ROTS, so now all you do is spam, because any attempt at an intelligent conversation from you ends up making you look like a royal tool.



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