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Boom!   Just showed this to my 16 year old. He doesn't understand how Star Wars survived in his words "this atrocious attack on my senses".

PT haters might argue it didn't.

OMG, on purpose???

Yeah, it's pretty bad.

Actually, it's very bad.


Here's a comment I heard about it a while ago;


"Watching the SWHS is more painful than masturbating with a cheese grater."


I consider myself to be a pretty hardcore collector of SW related stuff, and I don't want it anywhere near me.


One cool part, is when Chewbacca's Son watches a 'Star Wars Cartoon', which is the actual introduction, of Boba Fett.



Honestly, take up Jedi_Jami's offer, I'm sure she'd be glad to be rid of it.

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The facxt it is SO bad is what makes it such a gem to own I think. it's freaking hysterical. don't you guys ever watch bad movies for the cheese factor.


I love the dam thing for how awful it is. For example:


1. Art Carney doing his schtick on imperial officers.


2. Bea Arthur in a musical number with the cantina aliens.


3. Harrison Ford hugging a child wookie and call him "sweetheart."


4. Carrie Fisher, wall-eye and coked to the gills singing a happy holiday song to the star wars theme.


5. An overly tanned and eyeliner wearing Mark Hamil.


Come on. It doesn't get any better than that.

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Doesn't it also contain some cool outakes and cutting room floor stuff from ANH??


Only if you consider vader walking down a Death Star corrridor "cool." The footage is all video horridness intercut with recycled ANH footage, and the corridor shot is the only one I don't recognize from ANH.

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According to Anthony Daniels, the day filming on the special wrapped, he got into his car, his driver pulled off and Daniels began laughing hysterically all the way home.


Yes, it is horrible.


Any decent-sized Sci-Fi convention will have a copy. NumberSix bought his for $15 a few years back.

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You know me well, Ryn. I did find this thread because of qube's post in Feedback. I was looking for a post of yours where you quoted someone and the code didn't transfer right. I was going to post a link to that broken quote code then point and laugh at you for being one of the "lame posters". Although I have come to find that you very rarely, no... make that extremely rarely use the quote feature. When I did find an old post where you used the quote feature the IPB had converted the code perfectly. So after about 45 minutes of searching I gave up.


Let it be known: Ryn is not a lame poster.

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