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*cue ''Jeopardy'' theme*   That's right all, I'm going to be starting an online version of Jeopardy, to be played right here at Nightly dot net.   And this is the signup thread.   If you'd be interest

Not sure if Prim, Wicket, and all the other SJ regulars still drop in here at Nightly at all. I was watching Jeopardy with Alex tonight, and there was a commercial for a new Sports Jeopardy program t

Oh we are gonna sue their candy asses for this one!

Here are a few more interesting stats...the only times (other than the special editions of SJ) where at least 50% of the clues were devoted to one category were...


SJ 003 - 34 - Basketball

SJ 011 - 42 - Baseball

SJ 012 - 32 - Baseball

SJ 017 - 38 - Football

SJ 018 - 43 - Baseball

SJ 024 - 41 - Baseball

SJ 027 - 30 - Baseball

SJ 029 - 37 - Football

SJ 032 - 36 - Baseball

SJ 040 - 35 - Baseball


Only two times have there been at least 10 hockey clues in one game - SJ 001 (11) and SJ 038 (10).

Other than the special editions, there has been at least one baseball, one football, and one basketball clue in every SJ.

The only time where each of baseball, football, and basketball had at least 25% of the clues was in SJ 034 where they all had exactly 25% (15 clues). Hockey had 3 clues and Other had 12 clues.

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Another one in the books. That had to be close to if not a record for longest game. At least the 2nd longest game.


Believe it or not...it was only the 6th longest game. Here are the longest game records...


Longest Games in Days:

1. SJ 023 - 90

2. SJ 025 - 58

3. SJ 039 - 53

4. SJ 003 - 49

5. SJ 040 - 48

6. SJ 044 - 46

7. SJ 033 - 44

8. SJ 022 - 42

9. SJ 021 - 40

10. SJ 041 - 39


SJ 023 was a 3 round game, however. So, SJ 025 holds the record for longest 2 round game.


It was a very historic game in more than one way as well


Yes, it was pretty historic. Here are some highlights from the most recent game...


NJP won his 12th SJ championship, which is one away from the record. NJP also became the 2nd contestant to win a SJ championship in 4 different SJ decades.


According to the Game Power Rankings stat, this most recent performance by NJP was the 3rd most dominating SJ victory of all time.


NJP is also now tied for 2nd in Most Consecutive Games Placing At Least 3rd with 11 games.


NJP broke the 400,000 career point barrier in this most recent SJ, becoming only the 3rd contestant to do so....the next closest is Lucas1138 with 147701 points.


NJP also moved up to 2nd on the Career Daily Double Points list.


NJP became only the 2nd contestant to have at least 20,000 points after the 1st round.


NJP topped 450 clues correct in this game and also became only the third contestant to have at least 20 clues correct in each round and have at least 2 clue correct streaks of at least 10 in the same game.


Running a personal best 5 categories, NJP became only the 4th contestant to do so in a game.


...some more highlights concering all Jeopardies around Nightly...


NJP now holds the record for most Nightly Jeopardy championships with 16.


NJP moved past Darth Irish for 2nd place on the Career Points list.


Here are the record files for SJ and all J's around Nightly...



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I have a category for you to run

Can you do a chart of who hosted the games vs who was playing those games?

I have seen a trend that I would know since I have been playing, and have not played it as long as you have done. I don't have the data at hand to do what I am thinking of.

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Who would you like to co-host with you, DW?

I have not made up any clues for the next game.


I keep forgetting to post Prim left, I had been waiting for him to do the Final clue of SH 44. He may visit, but I don't know for sure. That he would have to post.

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You're never alone. ;)


When I had to wake up early, I used to drink extra liquid. Years later, while watching The X-Files of all shows, I found out from Mulder that the native americans had been using this technique for hundreds of years.

Oh, we did watch this together, you had shared the idea with me

You put lists up places. I could do that

In fact I had felt that I could

Other people do remind me of things

That I do not write down myself

It keeps on repeating

And repeating


Ah, no wonder you used your signature line to point others here

I use my tag line to point people to what continues to be with me.


And so, you did leave me almost alone

With SJ44. The banner.

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I'm not really taking signups...because I would like to leave the game open to any baseball fans once it gets going. I was just trying to get some interest in the game and let people know it is on its way.


As for the football one...I would need UKLK's help with the soccer stuff. :D


Also, once SJ 46 is concluded, it should not be that much longer to SJ 47 since I already have a game all ready to go. It just needs some fact checking since I have been pretty busy lately, so some of the clues may have become outdated.


Also, there will be a special guest host for SJ 46. :D

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