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*cue ''Jeopardy'' theme*   That's right all, I'm going to be starting an online version of Jeopardy, to be played right here at Nightly dot net.   And this is the signup thread.   If you'd be interest

Not sure if Prim, Wicket, and all the other SJ regulars still drop in here at Nightly at all. I was watching Jeopardy with Alex tonight, and there was a commercial for a new Sports Jeopardy program t

Oh we are gonna sue their candy asses for this one!

The quasi-signup thread is in the TVNN forum ...... now!


And even my 1 win was a shared one (co-champion with the Wicket) ...


Edit: Oh, I got a new stat for ya, Wicket, relatively simple, but 'Percentage of Games Won', I won 1 out of the six I played in, I think with 43 games going on 44, we have enough to have a relatively solid %-age. So for me, it'll be ~17% win rate. Actually, mine should have an asterisk to lower the % as it was a co-win.

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Co-wins are just as good as wins.


Percentage of Games Won:

Darth Wicket 59.09

Nomaa Jedi Piarra 47.83

Darth Irish 27.59

Pat Bowen 25.00

Pharoah JZA 17.39

Primbud 16.67

Lucas1138 15.38

bonnie13 13.33

Austin 04.00


I also did a chart for the number of guest appearances for all the SJs :D


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Good, make it a part of a clue. :devil:


Nice percentages for both Wicket (over half) and NJP.

Oh, look - bonnie13 at approximately 13%, dunn dunn dunnnnn!


DW, I've been wanting to ask for graphical representation of certain SJ statistics ...

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Oh, plenty:


-individual players scoring output for each successive game they participate in

-clues correct in this vein

-clues correct percentage for each specific game over the cours eof the 43 ...

-total points garnered by all contestants

-categories regarding specific sports


This last one I was trying to compile myself, but I only got so far as Otankus first game hosted (SJ V) and couldn't locate the categories utilized therein.


Edit: I guess I could compile 'em and later add an asterisk stating 'SJ 5 not included' ...

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-categories regarding specific sports


How would you do that since some categories span multiple sports? Or would you leave those out of the compilation?


The individual player thing is a lot more difficult to do since there is a lot more data (maybe I could do a Player of the Month kind of thing) ... but for now here is


-clues correct percentage for each specific game




-total points garnered by all contestants (for each game - I assumed that is what you meant as well)

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Say DW, when clicking on your above entries I get error message

Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again.


Oh, never mind. It works now.

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Oh that is horrible.


My result I mean.


I actually didn't mean myself, someone with more playing experience, say NJP perhaps. Or you. Or DI. Is there a way to make the color of a point or menu item along the horizontal stand out (perhaps in red) so as to donate a Game victory on that chart?

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I tracked down where the 1,000,000th SJ point and 2,000,000th SJ point were scored.


The 1,000,000th SJ point was scored during FJ in SJ 015. It is impossible to tell the order in which the responses came in unless Primbud or NJP remembers. So, we'll say Darth Irish scored it since without his wager of 61500 and correct response, the 1,000,000 point milestone would not have been achieved during that game.




The 2,000,000th SJ point was scored by me on a Daily Double I had in SJ 37.



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