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*cue ''Jeopardy'' theme*   That's right all, I'm going to be starting an online version of Jeopardy, to be played right here at Nightly dot net.   And this is the signup thread.   If you'd be interest

Not sure if Prim, Wicket, and all the other SJ regulars still drop in here at Nightly at all. I was watching Jeopardy with Alex tonight, and there was a commercial for a new Sports Jeopardy program t

Oh we are gonna sue their candy asses for this one!

Here is an updated version of the stats program. It will produce a miscellaneous records file, which has some of the records listed on post #1055 (all championship games listed, average championship game, champion stats vs total contestant stats, etc). With the new stats program, I compared the average championship game for every SJ decade and here is what I came up with ....


G               PTS     CC     CI     CR     DDPTS  FJPTS  PWR

SJ 01 - SJ 10 42236 31.82 02.36 02.55 6282 16109 36.45

SJ 11 - SJ 20 44412 33.30 02.00 02.09 11573 13066 34.00

SJ 21 - SJ 30 34250 28.95 03.33 02.57 7080 10030 32.76

SJ 31 - SJ 40 47693 35.14 03.43 02.86 20071 7421 37.86

TOTAL 41781 32.08 02.70 02.48 10454 12133 35.03


Edit : I have updated the stats program to include a game by game summary printing in the miscellaneous stats file.


Edit : I have updated the stats program to include Daily Double information in the miscellaneous stats file. Here is the new version. It should be version 1.5.0.

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Hey DW - do you have stats for the lowest amount in a wager category?


I never kept tracked of that stat, because I knew it would be just a bunch of 0's and 1's. There have been many instances in the past where players do not show up for Final Jeopardy, so their wager is just taken to be 0. And I have wagered 0 myself in my one guest appearance SJ. Maybe I can keep track of a similar stat ... say "Most Times To Wager 1 Point or Less in Final Jeopardy"?

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I'm incredibly bummed IJJ happened when I was still too shy to actively post. I actually read through the first game thread the other day :p

Hope you read the second one too - one might need it.

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Hey... I don't get this :sheepish grin:


A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead show up for the same job interview.


The brunette is the first one to go in, and after filling out

the forms and going through the questions,

the interviewer decides

to ask her a last question:

"How many D's are there in "INDIANA JONES""?


The brunette thinks for a second and responds "One".

The interviewer sends her back with a promise that

he'll get back to her after he had interviewed the remaining candidates.



The redhead is the next one, and the process goes about

the same, and at the end: "How many D's are there in INDIANA JONES".

She immediately says "One". The interviewer says "ok, we'll let you know".



Then the blonde comes into the room, goes through the questions,

and finally gets asked "How many D's are there in INDIANA JONES".

She gets a vey serious look on her face and starts

counting her fingers, muttering: "2, 4, 6 .... hmmm - wait... 2, 4, 6 ....

can I borrow your calculator please?

After going through 15 minutes of intense calculating,

she finally comes up with the answer: "Thirty two"


The interviewer is stunned and asks her:

"Ok, now tell me, how in the heck did you arrive at this answer?"

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