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Back To The Future...

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you should buy Jaws because it never comes on TV unedited. and get the 30th Anniversary edition; the feature-length Making Of documentary is worth the price of the movie.

I am so glad yesterday is done. If I saw one more post on Facebook I was going to shank someone.


'We'll hijack, uhh, BORROW, this thread.'


For those that didn't know, HBO Family Channel is airing all three movies without interruptions between each starting at 1 PM ET (that's less than an hour away) in order, until 7 PM ET.

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Hey - a library's for books, don't overlook those! :p


For those that don't know, we're doing a monthlong tribute to that great adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark over at the Indiana Jones forum - right now!


When is some time?

It can't be that soon. As we wrap up MJ007 (James Bond produced none too happy ;)), Lucas1138 is expected to host the next game. I had it slated for Game 12 but now say possibly Game 10 at the earliest.

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I don't really care where this is, but I think it should've stayed in Movies.


One of the things I love about BTTF is that it transcends genre.


Is it Family?? Absolutely. But is that really a genre??


Is it Sci-Fi?? Okay, sure. Time travel.


Is it comedy?? Sure thing - my video store used to list it in its Comedy section.






Drama. When I showed the trilogy to someone for the first time, they remarked about how intense, suspenseful and dramatic it was. I never truly thought of it in those terms, but there you go.


Edit: Western? Romance??

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