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Found 22 results

  1. Schedule(NFL) 1)2016 Patriots vs. 1968 Jets 2)1996 Packers vs. 1985 Bears 3)1983 Raiders vs. 1969 Chiefs 4)1997 Broncos vs. 1963 Chargers 5)2007 Giants vs. 1960 Eagles 6)1989 49ers vs. 2013 Seahawks 7)1999 Rams vs. 1947 Cardinals 8)1972 Dolphins vs 1990 Bills 9)1979 Steelers vs. 1964 Browns 10)2000 Ravens vs. 1958 Colts 11)1995 Cowboys vs. 1982 'Skins 12)2009 Saints vs. 1998 Falcons 13)1999 Titans vs. 1996 Jaguars 14)1976 Vikings vs. 1957 Lions 15)2015 Panthers vs. 2002 Buccaneers 16)1978 Oilers vs. 1988 Bengals (MLB) 1)2004 Red Sox vs. 1956 Yankees 2)1988 Dodgers vs. 2014 Giants 3)2008 Phil
  2. The Nightly Football Federation 2015 Draft N.F.F. Draft Central - Season X Round 1 1. Ash's Ruff Puppies - Todd Gurley, RB, St. Louis Rams 2. Pewter City Machamps - Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego Chargers 3. Irish Micks (from Dexy's Midnight Haters) - Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay Packers 4. Irish Micks - Jimmy Graham, TE, Seattle Seahawks 5. Kemah Jokers - Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Denver Broncos 6. The Nightmares - Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers 7. UKLK's Vikings - Alfred Morris, RB, Washington 8. Aussie Kangaroos - CJ Anderson, RB, Denver Broncos 9. Rock's Heels - Andre Johnson, WR,
  3. Methodology: I went through the schedule week by week and picked the games. It was basically an exercise of "who would I favor in this game." As a result, the records skew high on top and low on bottom. The basic order holds true though. AFC 1. Indianapolis 14-2 2. Denver 14-2 3. Pittsburgh 13-3 4. New England 13-3 5. Baltimore 12-4 6. San Diego NFC 1. Green Bay 15-1 2. Seattle 13-3 3. Dallas 13-3 4. New Orleans 12-4 5. Philadelphia 12-4 6. Arizona 10-6 4 New England over 5 Baltimore 3 Pittsburgh over 6 San Diego 1 Indianapolis over 4 New England 2 Denver over 3 Pittsburgh 1 Indianapolis
  4. Sunday Cleveland at Baltimore Dallas at Washington Indianapolis at Tennessee Jacksonville at Houston San Diego at Kansas City NY Jets at Miami Chicago at Minnesota Buffalo at New England Philadelphia at NY Giants New Orleans at Tampa Bay Carolina at Atlanta Detroit at Green Bay Oakland at Denver Arizona at San Francisco St. Louis at Seattle Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
  5. December 29 Sunday Carolina at AtlantaBaltimore at CincinnatiHouston at TennesseeJacksonville at IndianapolisNY Jets at MiamiDetroit at MinnesotaWashington at NY GiantsCleveland at PittsburghGreen Bay at ChicagoDenver at OaklandBuffalo at New EnglandTampa Bay at New OrleansSan Francisco at ArizonaKansas City at San DiegoSt. Louis at SeattlePhiladelphia at Dallas
  6. Thursday Tennessee at Jacksonville Saturday Philadelphia at Washington San Diego at San Francisco Sunday Minnesota at Miami Baltimore at Houston Detroit at Chicago Cleveland at Carolina Atlanta at New Orleans Green Bay at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets NY Giants at St. Louis Buffalo at Oakland Indianapolis at Dallas Seattle at Arizona Monday Denver at Cincinnati Notice Saturday games. Also Thursday is going to be a battle of turds...
  7. Thursday Dallas at Chicago Sunday Pittsburgh at Cincinnati St. Louis at Washington NY Giants at Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans NY Jets at Minnesota Baltimore at Miami Indianapolis at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Detroit Houston at Jacksonville Buffalo at Denver Kansas City at Arizona seattle at Philadelphia San Francisco at Oakland New England at San Diego Monday Atlanta at Green Bay
  8. someone? I'll catch us up Thursday night/Friday morning. End of semester for me.
  9. Thursday Arizona at St. Louis Sunday Pittsburgh at Atlanta Washington at NY Giants Miami at New England Oakland at Kansas City Houston at Indianapolis Jacksonville at Baltimore Green Bay at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Carolina Cincinnati at Cleveland NY Jets at Tennessee Denver at San Diego Minnesota at Detroit San Francisco at Seattle Dallas at Philadelphia Monday New Orleans at Chicago
  10. Thursday Nov. 6th Cleveland at Cincinnati Sunday Nov. 9th Kansas City at Buffalo Miami at Detroit Dallas at Jacksonville San Francisco at New Orleans Tennessee at Baltimore Pittsburgh at New York Jets Atlanta at Tampa Bay Denver at Oakland Saint Louis at Arizona New York Giants at Seattle Chicago at Green Bay Monday Nov. 10th Carolina at Philadelphia I'm going with Cincy on Thursday.
  11. Thursday Kansas City at Oakland Sunday Cleveland at Atlanta Tennessee at Philadelphia Detroit at New England Green Bay at Minnesota Jacksonville at Indianapolis Cincinnati at Houston NY Jets at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Chicago Arizona at Seattle St. Louis at San Diego Miami at Denver Washington at San Francisco Dallas at NY Giants Monday Baltimore at New Orleans
  12. Thursday Nov. 13th Buffalo at Miami Sunday Nov. 16th Minnesota at Chicago Houston at Cleveland Seattle at Kansas City Atlanta at Carolina Cincinnati at New Orleans Tampa Bay at Washington Denver at St. Louis San Francisco at New York Giants Oakland at San Diego Philadelphia at Green Bay Detroit at Arizona New England at Indianapolis Monday Nov. 17th Pittsburgh at Tennessee I'm going with Miami on Thursday.
  13. Thursday New Orleans at Carolina Sunday Tampa Bay at Cleveland Arizona at Dallas Philadelphia at Houston NY Jets at Kansas City Jacksonville at Cincinnati San Diego at Miami Washington at Minnesota St. Louis at San Francisco Denver at New England Oakland at Seattle Baltimore at Pittsburgh Monday Indianapolis at NY Giants A lot of byes this week. Looking forward to the Denver New England game.
  14. Thursday San Diego at Denver Sunday Detroit at Atlanta St. Louis at Kansas City Houston at Tennessee Minnesota at Tampa Bay Seattle at Carolina Baltimore at Cincinnati Miami at Jacksonville Chicago at New England Buffalo at NY Jets Philadephia at Arizona Oakland at Cleveland Indianapolis at Pittsburgh Green Bay at New Orleans Monday washington at Dallas Dallas is not overrated ESPN!
  15. Thursday NY Jets at New England Sunday Atlanta at Baltimore Tennessee at Washington Seattle at St. Louis Cleveland at Jacksonville Cincinnati at Indianapolis Minnesota at Buffalo Miami at Chicago New Orleans at Detroit Carolina at Green Bay Kansas City at San Diego Arizona at Oakland NY Giants at Dallas San Francisco at Denver Monday Houston at Pittsburgh
  16. Thursday Indianapolis @ Houston Sunday Jacksonville @ Tennessee Baltimore @ Tampa Bay Denver @ NY Jets Detroit @ Minnesota New England @ Buffalo Carolina @ Cincinnati Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Green Bay @ Miami San Diego @ Oakland Chicago @ Atlanta Dallas @ Seattle Washington @ Arizona NY Giants @ Philadelphia Monday San Francisco @ St. Louis
  17. Thursday Minnesota at Green Bay Sunday Chicago at Carolina Cleveland at Tennessee St. Louis at Philidelphia Atlanta at NY Giants Tampa Bay at New Orleans Houston at Dallas Buffalo at Detroit Baltimore at Indianapolis Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Arizona at Denver Kansas City at San Francisco NY Jets at San Diego Cincinnati at New England Monday Seattle at Washington Don't claim to be the QB from Minnesota who's coach totally missed his concussion and let him play! Pick already!
  18. Byes start this week... Thursday NY Giants at Washington Sunday Green Bay at Chicago Buffalo at Houston Tennessee at Indianapolis Carolina at Baltimore Detroit at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh Miami at Oakland Jacksonville at San Diego Atlanta at Minnesota Philadelphia at San Francisco New Orleans at Dallas Monday New England at Kansas City
  19. Thursday Tampa Bay at Atlanta Sunday Dallas at St. Louis San Diego at Buffalo Washington at Philadelphia Houston at NY Giants Minnesota at New Orleans Tennessee at Cincinnati Baltimore at Cleveland Green Bay at Detroit Indianapolis at Jacksonville Oakland at New England San Francisco at Arizona Kansas City at Miami Denver at Seattle Pittsburgh at Carolina Monday Chicago at NY Jets
  20. Give us a top 10 (or more) 1. Seahawks 2. Broncos 3. 49'ers 4. Eagles 5. Falcons 6. Packers 7. Saints 8. Panthers 9. Bengals 10. Patriots 11. Lions 12. Colts
  21. Thursday, September 4 Green Bay @ Seattle Sunday, September 7 New Orleans @ Atlanta Minnesota @ St. Louis Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Jacksonville @ Philadelphia Oakland @ NY Jets Cincinnati @ Baltimore Buffalo @ Chicago Washington @ Houston Tennessee @ Kansas City New England @ Miami Carolina @ Tampa Bay San Francisco @ Dallas Indianapolis @ Denver Monday, September 8 NY Giants @ Detroit San Diego @ Arizona You guys know what to do... If we still want to do it. The site is blocked at my second job so this year I will try to tally them when I can remember.
  22. Well let's hear 'em! AFC East (2) New England (13-3) Miami (5-11) Buffalo (3-13) New York Jets (2-14) AFC North (4) Pittsburgh (11-5) (6) Cincinnati (10-6) Baltimore (9-7) Cleveland (2-14) AFC South (3) Indianapolis (12-4) Houston (4-12) Tennessee (4-12) Jacksonville (3-13) AFC West (1) Denver (14-2) (5) San Diego (11-5) Kansas City (7-9) Oakland (2-14) NFC East (4) Philadelphia (10-6) Dallas (9-7) New York (9-7) Washington (8-8) NFC North (3) Green Bay (13-3) Chicago (10-6) Detroit (10-6) Minnesota (2-14) NFC South (2) New Orleans (13-3) (6) Carolina (10-6) Atlanta (9-7) Tampa B
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